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They’re Baaaaaaaack….

In December 2006, Candice Michelle, Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool joined forces for WWE Magazine’s Divas Uncensored, in which they teamed up to answer your burning questions! They covered topics that ranged from dating and sexual tips, what it’s like to be a Diva on the road, and at what cost their fame came at. Four magazine issues and the end of a ‘Day at the Spa’ later, fans had grown tired of the trio, left with hunger pains of a better photo shoot.

While winter is upon us, it looks like the Trio is ready for a sequel, equipped with a photo spread HOT enough to melt ice from both ends of the Pole! Divas in bikinis? Win-Win, baby! Two years later, each Diva has gone through leaps and bonds of changes (all for the better) since their last magazine meeting, so perhaps we can look forward to an even more exciting and interesting session.

Loves it!

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