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Style Showdown: Singing Their Praises

Welcome back to the Style Showdown! This is the contest where we put our favourite Divas and Knockouts up against each other, not in the ring, but in a battle of who looks better!

Last time on the Style Showdown: top WWE good girls Candice Michelle and Maria did battle in a duel of the babyfaces. It was a tight face, but Maria pulled it off, winning 208 votes with Candice right behind her with 190.

This week, two oddly similar Divas are facing off – their names rhyme, they both have blonde hair, and are both of the musical persuasion. Of course, I’m speaking of Jillian Hall and Lillian Garcia. One may be more vocally accomplished than the other, but this is about the photoshoots. Which songstress do you think looks better – Jillian in a “Blackout” or Lillian looking “Pretty in Platinum”? View the photoshoots and cast your vote below!

Jillian Hall – “Blackout”

Lilian Garcia – “Pretty in Platinum”

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