Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Style Showdown: SmackDown Gets Dressed Up

Welcome to Style Showdown, a new feature to cure weekends of slow news! In Style Showdown, we take two Diva rivals from the past or present and put them in a battle of a different kind – in a battle of “Who looks better!”

Previously on Style Showdown: Great American Bash opponents Michelle and Natalya faced off. The result was a pretty close call, but as she did at the Bash, Michelle emerged victorious. She garnered 99 votes, while Natalya drew 81 votes of her own – close, but not close enough!

This week, we have another SmackDown battle – this time between two of its lesser-known Divas. Both Eve and Maryse are products of the Diva Search, and both have been inhabiting the blue brand for a while now. Maryse, as we’ve mentioned quite a few times, has been improving impressively in the ring. Meanwhile, Eve seems to have been relegated to interviewing gigs. But this contest is not about personal achievements – this is about style! So, whose look do you prefer? Maryse’s navy blue ensemble or Eve’s pretty pinkness? Check out the full photoshoots and cast your votes below!

Eve (“Perfect in Pink”)

Maryse (“True Blue”)


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