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Sumie Sakai & Willow vs. Allie Recks & Gia Scott set for ROH’s Women’s Division Wednesday

Four women are set to be in action for an upcoming Women’s Division Wednesday. Although not officially announced on Ring of Honor’s YouTube page just yet, Gia Scott has posted to her Twitter that she will be in tag team action alongside Allie Recks. They will take on the team of Willow and Sumie Sakai.

All four of these women have been seen on Women’s Division Wednesday matches in the past. One of the four, Willow, has received her golden ticket for the upcoming ROH Women’s Title Tournament. A tournament to determine the new ROH Women’s World Champion while rejuvenating the women’s division in ROH.

Scott was the most recently seen individual from this match as she put forth an impressive effort against Alex Gracia last week but was not able to come out with a win.

Recks was seen the week prior in her valiant effort against Angelina Love. The passion was so apparent that she caught the eyes of the fans when she took to the mic post-match and requested another match to prove herself. She then was met with Max the Impaler and was unable to match their strength and suffered back-to-back losses.

Sakai is the first woman to ever hold gold for the ROH promotion. She became the first Women of Honor World Champion in 2018 after defeating Kelly Klein in a tournament. This championship was deactivated in 2020 after Klein held the title for the third time and her contract was not renewed. At this time Sakai has not received a ticket to gold for the new title tournament but with the few spots that are left open, she seems to be a guarantee.

The current women who will take part in the upcoming tournament are: Rok-C, Angelina Love, Allysin Kay, Willow, Trish Adora, Mazzerati, Miranda Alize, Nicole Savoy, Mandy Leon, Max the Impaler, and Alex Gracia.

Check back in with Diva Dirt this Wednesday to see who wins this match and who may receive their golden ticket into the tournament.

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