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Sunny in Court: Bail Set at Six Figures, Says She Was “Not Thinking Straight”

Former WWE Diva and Hall of Famer, Sunny, real name Tamara Sytch, appeared in court today after her fifth arrest in four weeks yesterday (October 9th).

Sytch was arrested for once again violating a protective order against her by entering the home of ex-boyfriend, independent wrestler Damien Darling in Branford, Connecticut.

In court today, Sytch, through her lawyer, said she was “not thinking straight”, according to the New Haven Register.

The article notes that Sytch is being held under a $100,000 cash bail. The threshold for a cash bail is much higher than a surety bond, which can be paid in part by a bail bondsman.

Based on the report, it looks as though the $100,000 bail-out fee has not yet been met, which means Sytch is likely still in custody.

As previously reported, Sytch was arrested three times in September and twice this week.


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