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Diva vs General Manger Angle in the Works?


This week’s edition of ECW saw Evan Bourne defeating Natalya‘s boytoy Tyson Kidd. However, off air, the WWE Mobile Exclusive brought about a confrontation between the third generation Diva and the interim General Manager of ECW, Tiffany.

After his loss to Evan Bourne on this week’s ECW on Sci Fi, Tyson Kidd and his Extreme associate, Natalya , had plenty of complaints for ECW’s interim General Manager, Tiffany.

Reports are saying that this is being done to buildup a feud between Natalya and Tiffany. Apparently, by “constantly complaining” about Tiffany’s job as the General Manager, it will culminate with the two Divas squaring off in the ring.

Finally, a storyline involving the Divas of ECW! Hot off the news that WWE officials are not happy with Tiffany’s performance so far as the General Manager due to her inability to connect with the fans and speaking abilites on the microphone, I think this may be the opening both Divas were looking for.

This will allow Tiffany to really work on her speaking and lead up to her debut in the ring. She might not be sticking around for too much longer as the General Manager, depending on if ECW Original Tommy Dreamer wants the job after his contract expires, as he would be the one most likely replacing Tiffany. If he does take the job, this angle could be a buildup to a smooth transition for Tiffany out of the GM’s office and into the ring.

And I think it goes without saying that we are all patiently waiting to see Natalya finally getting into the ring. She’s without a doubt the most under-utilized Diva on the roster, and until the new Hart Foundation gets together, this would be a great way to keep her on TV as a heel and also working in the ring.

The only down side I can see to this is poor Katie Lea! Somebody give her something to do!

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