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Surfin’ with Trish Stratus: 40 Minute Interview for Free? Score!

You can never have too much of your favourite Divas and especially when one of them happens to be the legendary Trish Stratus! Trish was a guest on The Surf in Canada last week, swapping stories, answering questions and teaching host Jason Agnew yoga and let’s just say, it gets a tad creepy! The episode is now available online and is a real score for any Trish fan — 40 interrupted minutes of the former 7 time Women’s Champion:

As we all know, Trish was not just a great performer but she had so much personality too and that is fully on show in this really humorous interview. No one can do it like Trish! Sporting a new more conservative look, Trish is seen in a dress jacket with the sleeves rolled up, looking really classy. You can also tell that the rumours from last year are true, it looks as though Trish did have breast reduction surgery. Either way, she’s looking mighty fine — though her age is beginning to show in her face. But that’s not a bad thing.

Among topics discussed that are of interest to you guys, Trish talks about some of the Divas today using her signature moves like the ‘Ma-Trish’ and the finger-pointing entrance. She also talks about her personal favourite storyline and much, much more. It’s just a really fun show!

Check out some bonus footage after the cut:

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