Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Ta-Da! Natalya’s a Redhead Again!

Looks like it’s Natalya day on Diva Dirt! Here we have a photoshoot that’s a bit more recent than her Summer Skin stuff. This one’s called “Little Black Dress” for obvious reasons, but I am *really* not liking the dress. The fabric looks cheap, the see-through middriff, the cut of it.. Yuck. I mean, if this were presented on Project Runway, I’m sure Tim Gunn would have a fit. (“This worries me..”) I do like her new hair color, though. It’s strange to see her blonde again in the Summer Skin photos, but I can’t say I hate the darker shade. Natalya is getting better and better at photoshoots – she just needs to think twice about what she’s wearing, ’cause that dress is a big ol’ mess.


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