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Tamina wins her first title in her career as she and Natalya become new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

Tamina and Natalya are your new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions as they defeated Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax on tonight’s SmackDown.

This marks Tamina’s first title win (sans 24/7 Title) in her over a decade-long career with WWE. Coming up just short at WrestleMania, Natalya has been hellbent on making sure that she and Tamina win the tag belts and tonight they did just that!

For months now, the team of Tamina & Natalya have been trying to get to the tag team gold. They were frequently the victims of Reginald and his antics which helped Jax and Baszler retain over and over again. This time, the referee had enough of ol’ Reggie and sent him to the back. This left no distractions left at ringside.

Jax and Baszler held the power through most of the match as Jax had sequestered Tamina on the outside after a Samoan Drop to the barricade. Once Tamina was able to get back inside the ring is when the match leaned towards the challengers.

Natalya stopped Baszler from pulling Tamina down from the turnbuckle which took the Queen of Spades out of the rest of the match. Jax then hits a Samoan Drop on Natalya but she stayed down on the mat. This opened the door for Tamina to hit the Superfly Splash to get the three count on Jax!!

A huge congratulations go out to the new tag team champions and an even bigger congratulations for Tamina for winning her first long-awaited championship!!

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