Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Tara Drama Continues: Listed as ‘Lisa Marie’ in Press Release

Tara Drama – it’s the new ‘Ashleygate’. The drama surrounding TNA’s decision to rename our beloved ex-Women’s Champion, the artist formerly known as Victoria, as Tara caused a scene in our comments section last night. It has since spilled over onto our Twitter page and various message boards too.

Well in a press release sent out today, TNA hypes Victoria under her name real name sans the last name — simply as ‘Lisa Marie’. Perhaps TNA has rethought it’s decision? I, for one, will be much relieved if they have. Sure Lisa Marie doesn’t ‘pop’ much more than Tara, but it eases my mind nonetheless.

Don’t forget to tune into Impact tonight at 9pm ET on SpikeTV to check out Victoria’s debut! And please do take part in our reader poll too.

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