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Tara Responds to Fans Saying Eve Torres ‘Stole’ Her Standing Moonsault

TNA Knockout, Tara, has responded to fans commenting that WWE’s Eve Torres ‘stole’ her standing moonsault.

The duo, friends during their time in WWE, both perform the standing moonsault, with Torres recently adding a ‘booty pop’ before performing hers — similar to Tara’s ‘shakedown’ before she hits the move.

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Writing on her blog, Tara says:

I have heard from a lot of people alerting me that ‘Eve stole your standing moonsault’. Here is my perspective…Eve is a shady thief…I’m totally kidding. Eve is a wonderful person, a good friend, and one of the people I miss the most from WWE. But seriously, hundreds of wrestlers have come and gone through the major wrestling organizations. If every move they used became off limits, there would be nothing left to do. The way I learned it, there is a certain code of honor where if you ‘borrow’ someone’s move, you in some way change it and make it your own, which Eve did.

Tara also talks about Miss Tessmacher using a similar move to Trish Stratus‘ Stratusfaction:

Recently, Miss Tessmacher introduced a move that I thought was not even close to a move Trish did. But then one of the TNA backstage coaches asked her to adjust it, and it became a little more like Trish’s move. Even so, it is definitely Miss Tessmacher’s version. And at the end of the day, Trish was flattered, the same way I am flattered. If you want to spice up your arsenal, you go to wrestlers that you admire.

Read more of Tara’s blog here.

Thoughts: As Tara points, moves are rarely new in wrestling and everyone uses moves that have been done before. I think the fans point of contention comes from the fact that Eve recently added the ‘booty pop’ to her standing moonsault, which is similar to Tara’s ‘shakedown’. However, Torres has been using the actual move for a while and I’ve always thought of it as an homage to her friend more than anything else. Not a huge thing to nitpick over.

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