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Tasha Steelz on why she turned down an opportunity with NXT

Tasha Steelz is the newest Knockout for IMPACT Wrestling. She made her in-ring debut last week for the company in a losing effort against Kylie Rae. Steelz has also been frequent with NWA and has also performed for ROH. So with all of this being said, has she ever tried out for NXT? According to her interview with SiriusXM Busted Open she did have a tryout for WWE and it was quite confusing to her because they didn’t see her as a wrestler.

“It was just so confusing because when I went and did the tryout we did promos first. The first day was promos. I did my promo and I just blew everybody away. From all the coaches and other fellow wrestlers that were there helping out. They were just blown away by my promos. They were so happy about it. They pulled me to the side a couple of times and complimented me about it. And then just going on the rest of the three days, doing the drills, doing the exercises, having my in-ring match there because not many people had in-ring matches. I was the second ladies match that was there and I was told it was the best one. Then just getting all these compliments, getting all these great feedbacks, and having a couple of coaches telling me they were interested at the time made me feel really good.”

Steelz continues with how she felt once she left and that she just knew she had to continue to do well because eyes were now on her. She had to turn it up, make sure she was doing her best because there was interest in her. After a couple of months she would receive an email and be told the following:

“It was just a couple of months that went by and I just get an email saying, ‘hey are you interested in being a referee?’ It kind of crushed me because I didn’t see myself as a referee. It was just more that I was focused on becoming an NXT wrestler. My friends are there and this is what we wanted to do. I wanted to join one of my friend’s in being an NXT wrestler. I had a talk with William Regal and just let him know that my heart and my passion is with wrestling. This is all I wanted to do since I was a little kid and to wipe it all away with being a referee it wouldn’t feel good to me. So I turned it down. And I said I know if this is the only way of getting into NXT then this is not my road.”

Steelz let them know she couldn’t do it and then continue to pursue wrestling. She had her eyes on IMPACT for about a year prior to her recent signing.

What are your thoughts on Tasha Steelz so far in IMPACT? Do you see her as a future Knockouts Champion perhaps? Who do you want to see her feud with? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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