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Lilian Garcia’s emotional video in regards to Shad Gaspard *Update*

Update: In a tragic update, Shad Gaspard’s body has been found Wednesday morning on Venice Beach. It has been confirmed by authorities that it is indeed Gaspard. WWE has made an official announcement as well. Diva Dirt sends its condolences to Shad’s family, friends, and our wrestling community as a whole during this loss.

News broke yesterday in regards to former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard and his devastating disappearance. It was announced first by TMZ yesterday that on May 17 Gaspard was with his family, his wife, and his son at Marina Del Rey Beach. It was reported that Gaspard along with his 10-year old son was part of a group that was caught in a riptide.

According to a witness, as lifeguards raced into the water to save everyone, Gaspard requested for them to save his son first. His son was saved and after this moment there was another huge wave that came down over Gaspard and that is the last he has been seen.

Since his horrific news broke yesterday, many wrestlers from all different promotions, both past, and present, have sent out their loving words and heartbreaking messages.

Credit: WWE

Most recently, former Ring Announcer and the host of the Chasing Glory podcast, Lilian Garcia has uploaded a video of herself where Shad was last seen. In an emotional moment, Garcia wishes for the best and that he is found.

Garcia was just one of many wrestlers and fans who showed their outpouring support as explained earlier. Some other tweets can be seen below:

Shad’s former tag team partner JTG better known as Cryme Tyme also posted a text that the two shared. If you notice the date, the date of the text was the same date that Kobe Bryant passed away earlier this year.

Here is a picture of Gaspard (on the right) from earlier in the day prior to his disappearance:

Diva Dirt is truly heartbroken over this news and hopes for the best at this time.

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