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Taya discusses Lucha Underground Season 3 in Reddit AMA

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To promote Season 3’s explosive premiere last night, Taya participated in a Reddit AMA. She fielded questions ranging from what it’s like to work at LU to her favorite wrestlers, intergender wrestling, and more.

Here are some of the highlights:

On her wrestling influences: “Most definitely El Hijo Perro Aguayo. Definitely so man other wrestlers in Mexico have had a huge influence on my style and my ring work. I’ve taken a little bit from everyone, especially Lance Storm who trained me. But Perro had the most influence on my Lucha Libre career.”

“Additionally I loved Trish and Lita – those were the divas of my teenage years, and I idolized them as kids. When I saw them on TV as a teenager (I couldn’t watch as a kid) I thought, ‘that’s what I want to do.'”

On critics of intergender wrestling: “The world is changing, whether you like it or not, women as athletes are gaining momentum and strength, and for the first time in history we are competing at higher levels than ever before – we’re not in the middle ages anymore and the critics need to grow up. It’s entertainment.”

On working for Lucha Underground: “Working for LU is an absolute dream. As a creative person and athlete, they allow me to fully express myself in the ring. I think everyone should be able to personally express themselves in their work, and that’s what I love most about Lucha Underground. Lucha Underground is a television show, and not necessarily a wrestling show. Promos and backstage vignettes aren’t done the same way they’re done elsewhere. We pull from Lucha history and obviously our writers do a great job coming up with ideas for stories, and we have the freedom to develop our characters and interpret these stories in our own way without a lot of interference.”

On what to expect from her this season: “You are going to see a darker, more serious Taya. Maybe a little crazier. Overall, I think I am coming off as a much better competitor, and I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve done, some of the matches are crazy!  I am in full swing in season three. I am very excited for other people to see what I’ve brought to the table this season.”

On her favorite active women’s wrestler: “I recently had the chance to wrestle Aja Kong in Japan and would love to wrestle her again.”

On whether she prefers facing men or women: “I do not have a preference, we should be able to face whoever we want to face and I am a well-rounded wrestler and can handle both.”

Go here to read the full AMA

Do you agree with Taya’s assessment of LU or intergender wrestling? What do you hope Season 3 of LU will bring? Sound off in the comments below.

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