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Taya Valkyrie retains at Hard to Kill

Taya Valkyrie starts 2020 off much like she did 2019 by being Knockouts Champion. Valkyrie continues her now 370-day reign as the longest Knockouts Champion in history by retaining against ODB and Jordynne Grace.

Grace earned her way into this match by pinning the champion in a non-title match. Originally the match was one-on-one until ODB was added. This was evident from the opening exchange of the match. Grace and Valkyrie made it clear to ODB that they wanted it just between the two of them. It didn’t take long for ODB to cement her place in this match as she dominated from the start.

ODB continues to dominate both her opponents until Valkyrie hit a dropkick sending her to the floor after a failed piledriver to Grace. The remainder of the match is pretty equal between all three women. Remembering that this is a three way match, there were times that two against one would be implemented such as a bulldog from ODB and Grace to the champion.

The match concludes with Grace countering a TKO from ODB into a Grace Driver. Grace was moments away from possibly becoming the new Knockouts Champion but Valkyrie’s buddy John E. Bravo caused the distraction.

He distracts the referee which causes Grace to head over to get the officials attention. Valkyrie covers ODB and Bravo would pull Grace from the ring. Valkyrie gets the pin off the Grace Driver.

A new look for the title was implemented as well tonight. All of the IMPACT titles would get a update. The biggest difference is it has red now instead of the prior blue.

What were your thoughts on this match? Were you expecting a new champion instead of Valkyrie retaining? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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