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Teal Piper comments on the close friendship Chyna had with her father

Daughter of the late-WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper, Teal Piper, recently was interviewed by Wrestling Inc Daily. During the interview, she explained how her father and the late-former WWE Women’s Champion Chyna were close friends. She admitted that she had only met her a few times but that Chyna did attend Roddy Piper’s funeral and that she was a beautiful soul with a kind heart.

“We’ve obviously known her for a while, my dad and her were very close,” Piper said. “He reached out to her a lot, especially in later years. When my dad passed, we had this funeral out in Oregon out in the middle of nowhere. Like, you really had to want to get there. She was one of the people who made sure she showed up. She was always super supportive and super loving with me and my siblings. She was just one of the most kind-hearted people I think I’ve ever met. And although I didn’t get a huge chance to meet her, or know her rather, because I had really met her later in her life, my take of her was that she was just a beautiful soul.”

Teal continues, “The biggest story I really have about her is when I talked to her at my father’s funeral. I think she gave me the biggest, longest hug of my entire life. Like she just wouldn’t let go, and she wanted me to feel supported, and loved and was sharing all these sweet, deep thoughts about my dad. At that time, it meant a lot to me because I could tell how much she cared.”

Teal is currently working under the Florida indie promotion Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling alongside her fiancé Michael Deimos. The couple has a match coming up in February at the promotions Chapter 5: All out War! event.

She appeared for AEW in her debut match at All Out in 2019 during the Casino Battle Royale. Teal had also been signed to Women of Wrestling (WOW) in 2019 and has recently trained with Ronda Rousey.

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