Friday, December 1, 2023

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Tegan Nox wins Fatal 4-way to earn her shot at the NXT Women’s Title

On night one of The Great American Bash, the fans of NXT were treated to a Fatal 4-way Elimination Match to determine the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Title. The participants included Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox, Mia Yim, and Candice LeRae.

All four women with a big history among each other and a history of friendship and partnership. The Girl with the Shiniest Wizard, Tegan Nox, was able to put away her long time rival Dakota Kai to win the match.

The match started with the two heels of LeRae and Kai hopping out of the ring which left friends Mia Yim and Tegan Nox to begin the match themselves. It didn’t take long for LeRae and Kai to get into the match once they picked their opportune time.

LeRae had a nice showing out of the gate at first but it was no match for a team-up between Yim and Nox. The pair took Kai and dumped her onto LeRae before Yim hits a running knee to her. Yim was able to put away LeRae making her the first elimination as Nox stayed back knowing she was one woman closer to the victory.

It was then Yim’s turn to showcase her talent. The team-up between her and Nox continues as they deliver cannonballs to Kai in the corner. The buddy system between the two could only last so long with only three women left. Yim is able to get near falls after hitting both Code Blue and Sole Food on Nox. Yim is then eliminated by Kai.

We are down to the two former best friends and tag team partners who have been at war since November. This time with huge implications with a shot on the line for championship gold.

After forearms are exchanged, Nox hits an inverted cannonball followed by a fallaway slam. Both give her near falls but Kai wasn’t out of it yet. Kai is able to get a near fall of her own after she hits the Kai-Ropractor. Nox then counters the GTK into a sit-out facebuster.

Nox misses The Shiniest Wizard as Kai gets a near fall off of a crucifix. Kai then tries to get the win by locking in a submission, but Nox moves enough that puts Kai in trouble as she almost gets pinned. The match ends as Nox hits a Molly-go-round followed by The Shiniest Wizard to get the victory.

What did you make of this victory for Nox? Did you expect her to be the one to face Io Shirai next? Leave your thoughts about this in the comment section below.

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