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Terri Runnels & Mae Young Won’t Be Going To WrestleMania 25


The list of former WWE Divas saying “no” to this Battle Royal seems to be getting larger than the Divas saying “yes!”

Not that she was ever considered one of the top hopefuls to be in this match, Terri Runnels has gone on the record, declining to be a part of WrestleMania 25’s Battle Royal. While it’s not certain that WWE even contacted Terri (though with all the no’s they’ve been getting, they’re probably going to start calling up Ryan Shamrock soon), she has taken it upon herself to reveal that women’s matches are “not her thing.” Not your thing? What about your Stink-Face matches with The Kat?

Instead, Terri will be joining Molly Holly, who also declined to be in the match, on a trip to Afghanistan for 10 days to participate in the Divas of Wrestling Goodwill Military Tour, which departs for the Middle East this coming Monday. So Terri will proudly claim her Diva fame in a Military Tour, but when it comes to actually walking the walk, she isn’t in to wrestling? Molly will be back in Houston in time for WrestleMania, as she will be signing autographs, while Terri will head to Taylor, Michigan to host a WrestleMania 25 Viewing Party.

In addition, there are reports circulating that Hall of Famer Mae Young will not be taking part in the Battle Royal either! It is rumored that Mae didn’t even know the match was happening until she was asked about her participation by a friend. It seems that WWE has decided not to put the 86 year old legend in the Battle Royal after her last match, where she became dizzy and fell in the ring.

I was really excited for this match when I learned about it happening, but now I’m wondering if it wouldn’t have been easier to just have a Divas title match or two. I really didn’t think WWE would be getting turned down by so many Divas to the point that even Terri refused! It’s too bad Divas like Jacqueline, Dawn Marie, Nidia, Stacy Keibler, Sable, and Jazz all probably won’t even be contacted by the WWE, based on each of their current statuses.

I’m curious as to why Luna hasn’t been approached! I’d definitely love seeing her unleash the crazy! Or what about the newly-retired Victoria? I think it’s way too early for her to come back to the ring, but I don’t know how they’re going to fill the empty spots! Oh well, call up Joy Giovanni or Shaniqua!

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