Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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Terri’s Million Dollar Ruse

We posted details of former WWE Diva, Terri Runnels‘ very own “Big Give”, but it seems that Terri isn’t as generous as Oprah after all. You see, one of our readers, Jane commented and worked out that Terri stands to make $1m from the contest.

By entering, you pay a $200 fee and there must be 5000 entries for the competition to go forward… giving the former Diva a cool $1m to take home. Now, factor in the prize of $100,000 (and maybe even the cost of the home) and Terri is still earning $500,000-$900,000. While Vince may be giving away a million, Terri is about to get a few extra zeros in her account. I gotta hand it to her though, this might possibly be the most genius way of making money without working since that dude who faked his death in a rowing accident here in the UK.

Edit: It seems reader DJ has spotted out that the cash prize is being donated by a “third party donor.” Hmm… I have contacted her media representative and if I hear anything, you shall be the first to know.

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