Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Tessa Blanchard wins the WOW World Championship

Ever since making her first appearance for WOW in the show’s AXS TV debut, Tessa Blanchard has been on the hunt for the WOW Championship. Now, five episodes deep into the season, The Queen of the Carolinas claims her crown.

As faithful viewers may recall, last week’s episode saw Santana Garrett defend her title in a triple threat main event against Jungle Grrrl and Tessa Blanchard. After the former two pinned Blanchard at the same time, WOW went off the air without a decisive winner.

Last night, the fallout from the match was addressed at the top of the hour. The champion did not appear in order to tend to her father, who Blanchard put in the hospital weeks prior. As a result, the WOW World Championship was vacated with a new champion being decided in that night’s main event between Tessa Blanchard and Jungle Grrrl.

The main event concluded when the ref took a bump to the outside, during which Jungle Grrrl hit a Jungle Splash for a visual 10-count. Suddenly, The Beast hit the ring. In retaliation for an altercation with her earlier in the night, The Beast nailed Jungle Grrrl with a Spear and a Powerbomb, allowing Blanchard to get the 3-count. Not only was Jungle Grrrl pinned for the first time in WOW history, but Tessa Blanchard became the new WOW World Champion.

Tune into WOW every Friday night at 9 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. PST on AXS TV for more explosive women’s wrestling action.

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