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Abilene Maverick of WOW discusses meeting with AEW

Abilene Maverick, also known as Barbi Hayden on the independent circuits, is a 28-year-old star talent with already 10 years of professional wrestling under her belt.

Kristen Ashly of Diva Dirt had the opportunity to once again sit down with The Governor’s Daughter to discuss her role in Women of Wrestling (WOW), how she dropped everything to start wrestling, her motivations to keep moving forward, and her future outlook after meetings with several promotions, including All Elite Wrestling.

Abilene Maverick
Credit: WOW

Maverick shared the story of her past, explaining how she dropped all athletic involvements in high school to start wrestling, after she went to her first live event with her then-boyfriend.

Hailing from College Station, Texas, Maverick’s in-ring wrestling style blends traditional with Lucha, giving her an upper hand that lead to a total of eight championship reigns, including a 378-day reign with the NWA World Women’s Championship.

Maverick is a well-known name in the independent circuit, and in a previous interview with Diva Dirt, shared how it felt to be in the first women’s match to be televised in China, with Tessa Blanchard.

With a decade of wrestling experience, Maverick was asked how she stayed motivated to keep wrestling, especially in a landscape that is constantly changing. Maverick stated “sometimes you want to give up”, but that gratitude keeps her focused.

In the previous interview with Diva Dirt, Maverick was asked if she had any meetings with other promotions she could speak on. She hinted at the possibility.

Maverick was once again asked if she was able to give any insight on meetings she’s had with other promotions, or if she’s seen any progress with past meetings. Maverick told Ashly she had a meeting with Brandi Rhodes, CBO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where things were left open-ended, because of contractual details AEW would need to “work around”.

Though the meeting with AEW was left with questions, Maverick hinted at a meeting with another unnamed promotion, where she said moves could be made quickly, adding “everything changes day-to-day”.

Diva Dirt hopes to see Maverick working in more promotions, soon. Watch Abilene stand on her own in WOW, Friday nights at 9 p.m. EST on AXS TV.

Which promotion would you like to see Abilene Maverick wrestle in? What do you think of the newest season of WOW?

*When transcribing audio, please credit Diva Dirt.

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