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Thank You, Lilian!


Ten years and some 500* episodes later, tonight we say goodbye to a WWE’s first ever Decade Diva, Lilian Garcia. Since making her debut in August 1999, Lilian has been the voice of Monday Night Raw for a generation and will be incredibly missed. Despite being but a ring announcer, Lilian has solidified a fanbase of her own & her departure will be just as sad as that of the wrestling greats in recent years.

I have no doubt that Lilian will one day be a Hall of Famer for her contributions to the WWE.

There will never be a voice quite as beautiful or as distinctive. You were our ‘diva’ as well as a ‘Diva’ with that big, powerful voice rivalling the Mariahs and Whitneys each time you sang the national anthem. Thank you, Lilian!

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* Just a guesstimate.

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