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The 2022 Year End Awards – Pick Your Nominations

As 2022 is coming to a close in the next several weeks, it is time for the Year End Awards.

Another year in wrestling is coming to a close and it is hard to believe just how much was showcased this year! Believe it or not, this year witnessed Lita having her first singles match in 15 years in February, Liv Morgan holding a championship after a Money in the Bank win, Mickie James entering the WWE Royal Rumble as IMPACT Knockouts World Champion, and Saraya returning to the ring for the first time in five years!

As always, the Year End Awards will be a team effort between Diva Dirt and Ring the Belle, but you, the readers/viewers, will nominate AND vote for your winners in each category.

This article is to set up the nominees. Below you will see the categories for this year. If you would like to participate, use the comment section below to pick who you feel should be nominated in each category.

Once the nomination process closes, we will pick at least the top 5 to vote on per category. The voting process will then take place in a new article. Ring the Belle will have a video to coincide with the nominees. The voting will take place in December.

Please note, in the final nomination list, we will include diverse promotions out of the choices that’s provided by the readers/viewers in order to be inclusive.

Happy Nominating!

Feud of the Year

  • What was your favorite feud of the year? Which feud made you want to see rematches and continuation in their storyline?

Best Gimmick

  • Whose gimmick made you stay invested in the character?

Best Finisher

  • Which talent has the best finisher of the year?

Best Promo

  • Who gave the best promo of the year with those excellent mic skills?

Best Return/Surprise

  • Whose return or surprise appearance was the best of the year? This can be a return from someone as a current roster member or a talent returning to the company.

Best Tag Team/Stable

  • Which tag team or stable was your favorite throughout 2022?

Best Ring Gear

  • We know that some of the ladies bring it every time they come down to the ring, but what one look in specific was the best of the year? (e.g. Sasha Banks – Sailor Moon, Jade Cargill – She Hulk, etc.)

Best Face And Best Heel

  • Who was the best babyface of the year and made you want to cheer them on? Which wrestler made you boo them and was the top heel of the year?

WTF! Moment of the Year

  • Which specific moment in 2022 had you literally saying WTF!

Stipulation Match of the Year

  • There were many stipulation matches throughout the year in many promotions. Which one was the best?

Most Untapped Potential

  • There’s so much talent in the wrestling industry. Who do you think has the most untapped potential and should be utilized more than they have been?

Best Theme

  • Who had the best theme song in wrestling this year?

Best Non-Wrestler

  • Who was the best non-wrestler of the year? Manager/Valet/Authority Figure?

Breakout Star

  • Who was your breakout wrestler that made you a fan through 2022 and who you can see has a bright future?

Match of the Year

  • What was the match of the year? Please be specific in your choice of what event/show it took place on and who was all involved.

Wrestler of the Year

  • Which wrestler had the best overall year?

Please list your nominees below and Diva Dirt & Ring the Belle will alert you once the nominees have been compiled and the voting starts.

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