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‘The Bachelor’ Episode One Results: How Did Devin Taylor Fare?

Note: This post contains spoilers from The Bachelor’s first episode.

It doesn’t seem that a reality show-built romance will be in the cards for NXT interviewer Devin Taylor, as she was among the group of women sent home without a rose on last night’s three hour season premiere of The Bachelor.

Devin did get featured a bit, attempting to talk to the man being vied for by 29 other women until she was interrupted by a seemingly intoxicated female and essentially forced away. The Bachelor then cited not spending enough time as potential reasoning for the group’s elimination… so that makes sense, right?

Regardless, congrats go out to Devin for appearing on the show. Who knows? Perhaps she could be the next Bachelorette?

…Or at the very least, she managed to escape their clutches early enough to not have the stigma weigh down on her career. Either way, here’s a toast in celebration of the one and only, Devin Taylor!

What did you think of Devin’s short appearance on The Bachelor?

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