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The Bella Twins Respond to Mo’Nique’s Challenge for a Match

Oscar-winner Mo’Nique in a WWE ring with the Bella Twins? “You’re dreamin’, Mo Mo,” say Brie and Nikki.

Earlier this week on BET’s The Mo’Nique Show with special guest Alicia Fox, Mo’Nique issued a challenge on Alicia’s behalf to take back the Divas Championship, which Fox joked that the ‘Bella Brats’ (her words, not ours!) were ‘babysitting’ for her.

Watch Alicia Fox’s interview on The Mo’Nique Show

Dubbing her team — consisting of Fox and the other guest on the episode, Kelly Price — Triple Scoop Double Fudge Chocolate, Mo’Nique challenged the twins to a three-on-two pay per view match.

On their Twitter page, the twins responded: “PS Mo’Nique couldn’t even take us down with @AliciaFoxy…. Um that’s called #YourDreamin’ Mo Mo!”

What say you, Diva Dirt fans: Should WWE try and snag Mo’Nique and deliver said PPV match? (Answer: Yes!)

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