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The Bella Twins speak on Victoria in the Royal Rumble and the influence she had on them

In the latest installment of The Bella Twins podcast, they speak on Victoria‘s appearance in this year’s Royal Rumble match. Victoria was one of a few shocks for this year’s match which had fans buzzing.

The Bella Twins were buzzing as well especially since it was Victoria who helped them get their start on the main roster. Brie Bella earned a victory in her debut on SmackDown in 2008 despite it was Nikki Bella who got the pin after Twin Magic took place under the ring with the switch.

The Bellas mention on their podcast that they would have loved to be involved in this year’s Royal Rumble and have recreated this moment with Victoria.

Brie – “When I saw Victoria come out, I was so excited. I feel because you and I debuted with her. She took such good care of us and in our first storyline, she was such a game player. Here we were two girls she didn’t have to put over or help out and she helped you and I out so much. And to see Victoria come out I will admit I was a little jealous, how am I not in the ring with her.”

Nikki – “I know, it would have made it go full circle.”

Credit: WWE

Brie – “If all of a sudden she came in and you and I were on either side of her and then she took us out.”

Nikki – “If we came up underneath the ring and it gave her flashbacks. Dang Brie, why didn’t we book this?”

Brie – “You know what though, we could still come back and do a story with Victoria. There ya go! Let’s book it.”

Victoria entered the Rumble match in the number 10 spot and lasted over seven minutes before being eliminated by Shayna Baszler.

For the full podcast episode, you can check out how to listen to The Bellas Podcast by clicking here.

What are your thoughts on this? Maybe we can see The Bellas and Victoria in next year’s Rumble? Leave your thoughts below.

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