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The Big SmackDown vs Raw 2010 Post: Trish Stratus, Diva Finishers & More


With SmackDown vs Raw 2010 in stores next week, lots of information is pouring in. Thanks to all of the readers who have passed along updates.

First of all, legendary 7-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus has officially been confirmed for the game. Trish appears in a strategy guide and is seen wrestling a Bella Twin. For that scan, click here. Thanks to Mike and Luis for that.

Also, Ashleigh sent in some Diva stats from the game including the overall levels and the finishers they’ll be using in the game:

Beth Phoenix: 78
Brie Bella: 66
Eve: 65
Gail Kim: 78
Kelly Kelly: 70
Maria: 67
Maryse: 74
Melina: 75
Michelle McCool: 76
Mickie James: 77
Natalya: 74
Nikki Bella: 66
Trish Stratus: 80

Beth Phoenix: Double Chicken Wing/Glam Slam
Brie Bella: Sitout Facebuster/DDT 16
Eve: ??? (Locked)
Gail Kim: Cross-Arm Neckbreaker/Christo
Kelly Kelly: K2/DDT 16
Maria: Running Bulldog 1/Bulldog 6
Maryse: French TKO/Snap DDT
Melina: Sunset Flip Powerbomb 2/Leg Drop Reverse DDT
Michelle McCool: Faith Breaker/Heel Hold
Mickie James: DDT 17/Long Kiss Goodnight
Natalya: Sharpshooter 2/Spiral Bomb
Nikki Bella: Sitout Facebuster/Spear 4

Finally, here’s some more gameplay footage, this time of Beth & Natalya:

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