Sunday, November 26, 2023

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The Blue Brand Gets Seasonal

With last night’s “Santa’s Little Helper” match at Armageddon come the requisite photoshoots showing off the Divas’ costumes. Today, in a photoshoot entitled “Divas Holiday Spectacular”, the Smackdown Divas Maria, Maryse, Michelle, and Natalya are modeling their Christmas best. Michelle goes the a surprisingly ho-ish route, given her “good girl” image, with a pink fuzzy bikini and stockings. Natalya, it looks, thought outside the box, wearing black and green. However, that could be moreso due to of a lack of holiday spirit, because I’m not feeling the dark look.. Maryse is adverse to red as well, sporting the traditional top and skirt ensemble in a unique shade of green. Lastly, Maria goes more traditional than usual, and looks incredible compared to her disastrous Thankgiving getup. The garter could be lost, though – it just looks trashy.

So, which Smackdown Diva looks best in her holiday livery? Cast your vote below!

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