Monday, March 4, 2024

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The Diva Dirt Sheet: Episode 1

After our season premiere on Monday, The Diva Dirt Sheet migrates into it’s usual time slot of Thursdays today! So mark your diaries as Thursdays shall now be known as “Dirt Sheet Thursday!” Listen below for the first full-fledged episode! This week we have a host of topics: the latest news Diva Dirt style, Divas vs Knockout matches we and you would like to see and much more! Not sold already? Read on:

5 Reasons You Need to Listen:
1) You will love the insane banter between Erin and Melanie!
2) Melanie’s (bad) stand up routine has to be heard!
3) What is up with Maria’s outfit? Diva Dirt‘s very own Fashion Police weigh in!
4) The Diva vs Knockout matches you suggested!
5) Listen to Melanie call Erin a bitch!

Come on, click play already!

Run Time: 46:31

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