Thursday, April 18, 2024

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The Diva Dirt Sheet: Season Premiere

Drum roll please… We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Diva Dirt‘s audio show, The Diva Dirt Sheet. The Dirt Sheet was a short lived feature here at the site a couple of months ago – hosted by Erin, unfortunately it was cancelled by the network *cough* Alas, just like season four of “Desperate Housewives”, we are back better than ever! The brand new season of the Dirt Sheet will prove to be harder, stronger, faster and even controversial! With a swanky new logo and now hosted by both Erin and Melanie, you can listen to the Dirt Sheet here at Diva Dirt every Thursday.

However for our season premiere, we are launching on a Monday with two editions of the Dirt Sheet this week! Listen below to the season premiere and leave your comments and tell us what you think! We’d like to apologise for A) the sound quality not being too great, we are working on it and B) apologies for sounding like a man!

Run Time: 24:31

Help us with this Thursday’s Dirt Sheet! This Thursday, we will be launching a new “discussion point” feature where you, our readers, can have your voices heard! Each week we will have a topic and we’d love if you could comment and give us your thoughts and we will read them out on the show! For this Thursday’s show, we’d like to know what interpromotional matches you would book between the Divas of WWE and the Knockouts of TNA. Leave your comments in this post and you could be mentioned on the Diva Dirt Sheet, this Thursday!

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