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The final two teams are decided in The Deadly Draw

This week’s episode of AEW’s The Deadly Draw was the semi-finals of the eight-team tournament. The two semi-final matches were Ivelisse and Diamante vs. Anna Jay and Tay Conti and The Nightmare Sisters vs. Big & Lil’ Swole.

The first semi-final of the night saw Big Swole and Lil’ Swole (Nicole Savoy) take on The Nightmare Sisters.

Brandi and Savoy go at it tying eachother up into pinfall attempts. Savoy’s technical prowess allows her take control of the match and her and Swole take out Allie.

Savoy smashes QT Marshall with a suicide dive much to Brandi’s despair as he was holding her action figures.

Incensed by the disregard for her figure Brandi unloads on Savoy but regains her composure to allow her and Allie take control of the match. A hot tag to Big Swole sees the control of the match change once more. But a distraction by Britt Baker takes Swole’s attention away from the match. This lapse in concentration allows Allie to pin Savoy and advance the Nightmare Sisters to the finals.

This was a good, fun match that once again showed Brandi’s vast improvement in the ring. Her character is confusing though. One day she plays the all-American babyface and the next the obnoxious heel.

Big and Lil’ Swole are a great tag team and deserved to be in the finals above the Nightmare Sisters but their partnership only seemed to exist to further the feud between Big Swole and Baker. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of Nicole Savoy as she is a talent that AEW’s women’s division is crying out for.

In the second match, Tay Conti and Anna Jay faced Ivelisse and Diamante.

Conti and Ivelisse mix it up with some nice stiff offence and holds. Jay and Diamante follow suit with Jay getting the better of her opponent before Diamante goes for the eyes to take control.

Ivelisse enters with a barrage of fierce offence and a double team to take Jay out of the match and away from her tag team partner.

Conti gets the hot tag and bursts into the ring taking out both Diamante and Ivelisse. All four competitors in the ring ends with stereo cutters from the Diamante and Ivelisse followed by a boosted Sliced Bread on Conti for the win to advance to the finals.

This was another good match, with Anna Jay looked particularly strong in the early exchanges with Diamante. Tay Conti got a bit of shine with her flurry of offence and it was great to see her back in the ring. Diamante and Ivelisse were once again ruthless strikers with a serious point to prove and would be excellent additions to AEW’s failing women’s division.

The Nightmare Sisters take on Diamante and Ivelisse in the finals of The Deadly Draw on AEW Dynamite on Saturday, 22.

What did you make of the show, the finalists and who do you want to win? Let us know in the comments below. As always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your AEW news, reviews and updates.

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