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The Five to Watch 2010: Jamilia Craft (Plus Exclusive Video Interview)

Welcome to The Five to Watch 2010! Diva Dirt is always on the look-out for bright, young talent breaking into the scene in women’s wrestling. Always with a finger on the pulse of up and coming talent, over the next week, we will bring to you the five talents we that we feel could be breakout stars in the future. Meet the Class of 2010…


Who is she?
Jamilia Craft just turned 19 last month, has been wrestling for 8 months, and is already on everyone’s radar as a rookie who is well on her way to doing great things. She began her training at the SHIMMER Wrestling Academy with seasoned veteran, Daizee Haze. In her short career she’s already wrestled in SHIMMER, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Respect and World Xtreme Wrestling. Not only does Jamilia’s potential stand out to the fans, but her look does as well. She is one of, if not, the only female wrestlers in America, wrestling with a mask — not to mention the several tassels hanging off of her ring gear. Her unique look is a tribute to Joshi legend, Kyoko Inoue.

Her story so far…
Once you watch Jamilia Craft, it is hard to fathom the fact that she’s only been wrestling for 8 months. One of her best matches to date was against Mercedes Martinez on SHIMMER Volume 29, which was her debut for the company. During that match she was able to surprise Mercedes and hold her own against her in a physical match. She has also been in the ring with Kellie Skater, Cat Power, Daizee Haze, Tomoka Nakagawa, Malia Hosaka, Misaki Ohata, MsChif, and Sumie Sakai. Jamilia hasn’t won any titles yet, but it certainly isn’t doubtful that she will sometime during her career. Not only is she part of the SHIMMER roster, but she is also a regular for Pro Wrestling Respect, a wrestling company designed specifically for Ring of Honor and SHIMMER Graduates where they have the opportunity to wrestle other students as well as the veterans.

Jamilia vs Daizee Haze

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Why we chose her…
Despite having a lot more to learn, it is clear as day that Jamilia has a very good chance of being on the level of some of today’s top wrestlers such as Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, Mercedes Martinez etc., sometime in the future. Being able to wrestle along with these women will provide her with a great learning experience and valuable knowledge she will be able to add to her repertoire . Also, with a new booker taking over ROH there could be a possibility that Jamilia Craft may have a bigger role in that company. Until then, we will watch Jamilia grow into the wrestler that we are all anticipating her to become.

Jamilia vs Sara Del Rey

Finally, here is an exclusive video interview that Steven conducted with Jamilia during SHIMMER weekend:

Diva Dirt interview

More on Jamilia…
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