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The Inaugural Diva Dirt Best & Worst Dressed List


It’s a staple of tabloid magazines: hard hitting, investigative & highly entertaining! Best & Worst Dressed lists can make or break careers in Hollywood and for a site with ‘Dirt’ in the title, it’s only fitting we take this time tested feature & apply it to our Divas! Each week we’ll bring you the best and worst looks from the week gone by, it’s pretty simple right?


Key: School-like grading scheme

Congratulations to Maryse, Lauren, Jenna Morasca (sort of), Alissa Flash, Melina & Michelle McCool for making our inaugural ‘Best’ list. It’s not just about the clothes you wear, it’s about the way you accessorize it and the way you do your hair too. These Divas and Knockouts displayed sexy, smart and well-rounded outfits this week.

Beginning with Maryse, a Diva who brings the sex appeal to any outfit she sports. Our Divas Champion opted for a slinky black dress this week, with an off-the-shoulder look. Finishing off with an aptly fitting belt and the most gorgeous pair of gladiator sandals ever. This girl knows how to accesorize and never over-does it. Grade: A

Meanwhile, TNA’s in-house correspondent Lauren looked sassy yet classy in a shoulderless black top and jeans. A simple look, but it’s in her accessorizing and hair that Lauren really pulls it altogether. The oversized long necklace adds a little more jazz to the simple looking top, while her hair looks effortlessly tied up. B+

Third on our Best list is Jenna Morasca, shockingly enough. Following her trashy look at Victory Road [more on that later], Jenna pulled it together for Impact this past Thursday with a cutesy look. I like the fun, vibrant loose-fitting top over the leggings. But the big plus is her hair, super sleek and straight with bangs on show. C

Both of our new TNA Knockouts make it onto this week’s list, but thankfully for Alissa Flash she makes it onto the good half. Ditching the uncomplimentary yellow from last week, Alissa looked more comfortable in her peachy/orange attire this week combined with a nice ring jacket. But it’s the hair & makeup I’m loving the most, the streaks of colour around her eyes is a nice look that I’d like to see her continue in coming weeks, using a colour that matches her attire that week. And her bouffant-esque hairstyle looks neat and tidy, which is something this blogger is a big fan of. B

Speaking of hair — our next two entrants are being honoured solely for theirs! Melina and Michelle McCool looked really pretty, Melina with her long straight, luscious locks. She always looks like something out of a shampoo commercial. Meanwhile, Michelle’s hair looks even better up than it does down. She should do it more often! Honourary mention.

This week’s ‘Worst’ after the cut:


Key: ‘Minor mishap’ / ‘Progressively worse’ / ‘Lost cause’

With the good comes the bad and sadly for this crop of Divas & Knockouts, they fell short of reaching an acceptable Diva Dirt standard. Apologies to these girls but if they’re reading [which they likely aren’t] consider it a challenge to make it to our ‘Best’ list next time!

Congrats are in order for Jenna Morasca, managing to make both the ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ lists. It just goes to show that style can fluctuate. Jenna’s leopard print attire looked as though she’d stolen something from Maria’s wardrobe while the tights underneath looked cheap & trashy. There’s a right way & a wrong way to wearing tights under your shorts/skirts. The right way is Layla & the wrong way is the Beautiful People, Jenna’s look fell under the Beautiful People category. Minor mishap.

Raw’s Mickie James is known for her bashful colour-clashing ring wear, so it’s not too surprising that the four time Women’s Champion would fall on the wrong side of our fashion radar. The bottom half wasn’t so bad, but the tiny, shiny top wasn’t complimentary of Mickie’s body type. Minor mishap.

A double mention next for Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim. The Raw Divas had to show their legs in an otherwise standard tag team match against Rosa Mendes & Alicis Fox. But unlike their opponents, their ring attire felt mismatched. Kelly Kelly’s shiny silver top and pink bottoms looked more like ‘Volleyball Barbie’, though I do admire her trying to make the outfit seamless but it still looks horribly tacky. Gail on the other hand usually has some semblance of uniformity in her attire but not this week. The mesh top is grounds for an automatic ‘Worst’, sorry. Kelly: progressively worse / Gail: minor mishap.

As we mentioned earlier, both of the new Knockouts made our list this week. But while Alissa Flash made the half you want to be on, Sarita makes the half you don’t want to be on. I can appreciate that her style of attire is seen as the norm in Mexico, where she was a mainstay, but on national television in America — it doesn’t look so great. Progressivey worse.

Last but not least, I think this name may as well as buy a season pass — it’s Maria. Maria is the total opposite of the first name we mentioned, Maryse, her accesorizing is cluttered and there’s far too much going on in all of her outfits. From the tassle belt to the glove to the little jacket thing, it’s far too much. Plus the bright yellow, what is essentially, a bra was too little even for a WWE Diva that is meant to show skin. Rosa Mendes showed us the right way to wear the shiny black leggings and looked a whole lot classier while doing so. Lost cause.

That’s all for our first ever Best & Worst Dressed list! As with all things Diva Dirt, you can have your say in the comments. Anymore fashion dos and don’ts you’d like to bring to our attention? Want to add in your own critiques? You know what to do!

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