Friday, April 12, 2024

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The Interns Have Arrived

Being the equal opportunist employers that we are *cough* Diva Dirt has taken on four – yes four – brand spankin’ new, shiny interns to add to your daily reading! The new interns will be blogging over the next week in hopes of clicking with you, the readers as well as the rest of the team.

So please welcome Hassan, Mace, Steven and Tara – or as we like to call them, the funky four. I hope you’ll make them feel welcome… or not. You guys have a certain power, if you like what they write, comment and express it. If you don’t like what they write, comment and express it. After all, all the bloggers here at Diva Dirt are here to entertain you.

And on that note, I leave you in the capable hands of Erin as your fearless leader. I’m going to be away for a day or so, such generous maternity leave we have at this joint, right? No really, I won’t be able to stay away that long. I’ll be back as soon as the baby’s born and I’ve caught up on some sleep!

Latest Posts

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