Monday, February 26, 2024

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The Living Definition of “Eh..”

Wonders will never cease! Lena Yada is almost nonexistant on TV, yet she continually gets new photoshoots on Let’s face it – she’s the new Maryse! This photoshoot is inexplicably titled “Playful”. I’m not getting a playful vibe from this one – maybe from a Mickie shoot, but not from Lena. Isn’t it appropriate, though, that her attire almost completely matches the background? It’s almost like she’s blending into the wallpaper – that’s a literal metaphor if I’ve ever seen one. As always, I’m neither loving or hating this shoot – it’s just blah. This is becoming a big trend with Lena, and I’m curious if she’ll ever leave some sort of impression on me. Make me love or hate you, Lena! I’m getting frustrated with this glaring lack of clarity in my life.


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