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The NWA Title stays put as Britt Baker targets Thunder Rosa

AEW Dynamite gave us an amazing match and several interesting developments within their women’s division on this week’s show.

Credit: AEW

Serena Deeb successfully defended the NWA Women’s World Championship against Thunder Rosa. Britt Baker would make her presence felt and newcomer Jade Cargill gave Brandi Rhodes a receipt for the verbal assault last week.

The Dark Order’s Anna “Queen Slayer” Jay will challenge Hikaru Shida for AEW on next week’s show.

Serena Deeb vs Thunder Rosa for the NWA Women’s World Championship

Rosa and Deeb would have a great match, full of fast and fluid action combined with superb sequences of expert counters, fierce blows, submission holds and pinfall attempts.

Deeb would target Rosa’s legs with two dragon screw leg whips. However, despite the injured leg Rosa would fight back and hit the champ with a barrage of stomps, kicks and dropkicks.

Rosa hit several roundhouse kicks to Deeb into a nice German suplex followed by a huge dropkick from the top rope. The attack would send the champ spilling to the outside.

Reba/Rebel would appear at ringside causing a distraction, which allowed Britt Baker to hit Thunder Rosa with a swinging neck breaker on the ramp before high-tailing it out of there.

The action was far from over as Deeb, unaware of the attack, would plant Rosa with a huge double under hook facebuster for the hard-fought victory.

After the match, Thunder Rosa would attack Baker, who was back at ringside for some reason and they had to be pulled apart by referees.

This was a brilliant match from two of the best wrestlers on the planet, which continues to show NWA in a great light. The fact that AEW gives NWA more of a platform to perform and thrive on their stage still remains baffling. However, the interaction between Baker and Thunder Rosa in the post-match brawl is just the feud that is needed to gel the two women’s divisions and move them forward as a unit rather than as two separate entities.

Jade Cargill gets back at Brandi Rhodes

Before this match took place we saw Jade Cargill standing over a downed Brandi Rhodes, whose arm is in a chair. Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero, who seem to have made up, stand guard as Cargill stomps on Brandi’s arm before Big Swole and Red Velvet come to her aid and chase the AEW newcomer away.

This was a nice continuation from the amazing promo Brandi cut last week on Cargill. Fans have been calling for stoylines in the women’s division and this one looks to be very interesting.

Later on, in the show, we saw John Silver and Anna Jay of the Dark Order announce that Anna Jay will challenge Hikaru Shida next week for the AEW Women’s Championship.

Credit: AEW

Shida is in great need of new challengers and Jay will no doubt will give her a solid match. Jay has greatly improved since their first meeting way back in April. Her match with Brandi Rhodes on Sep, 10 especially was an excellent performance. However, judging Shida’s tweet the champ doesn’t feel the same way.

AEW gave us three intriguing and entertaining segments involving the women’s division. Plus there was also several great women’s matches on AEW Dark. Could we finally be seeing the improvement we have all been asking for coming into fruition? Let’s hope so.

What did you make of the match and the other goings-on through the show? Sound off in the comments below. As always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your women’s wrestling news, reviews and updates.

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