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The Round-Up – April 05, 2008

theroundup.jpg Get this week’s Diva news rounded up… with commentary! This week we discuss BunnyMania aftermath, a new Diva on the block, Victoria‘s ride, Melina‘s wrath
and more!

• Beth, Melina Prevail
The big news story of the week, Beth Phoenix and Melina defeated Ashley and Maria at the grandest stage of them all – WrestleMania 24. The match saw the involvement of Santino Marella, The King not to mention the Lumberjills (or is that Lumberjacks this year?). After the match, master of ceremonies Snoop Dogg planted Santino with a clothesline – and Maria with a kiss!

Erin: It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Not great, but not a disaster. The presence of the Lumberjill/jacks/whatever was totally unecessary. All they did was stand there in their tacky outfits and scramble when the occasional Diva was tossed out of the ring. Not a great representation of the Divas, I’d say. A Women’s Title match would’ve been more fitting, but at least Maria didn’t get the undeserving annual title shot.

Melanie: I, for one, was pretty shocked to see Beth and Melina win. I didn’t see it coming but I’m so glad for it! As I wrote in my review of the match, Melina was the standout and really captured the essence of WrestleMania. Kudos to Ashley and Maria (more so) for putting on a real effort in the ring. This match wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

• Bunnies on the Losing End
In a piece of trivia, for the past four years, the year’s Playboy covergirl has been on the losing end of their respective WrestleMania matches. Christy Hemme lost to Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 21, Candice to Torrie at ‘Mania 22, Ashley to Melina at ‘Mania 23 and this past Sunday, Ashley and Maria to Beth and Melina. The only time a covergirl has won at WrestleMania is WrestleMania XX, when Sable and Torrie defeated Miss Jackie and Stacy Keibler. This was the first year WrestleMania and Playboy cross-promoted.

Erin: That’s kind of surprising, as they always seem to push the Playboy girls pretty heavily. Maybe it has to do with the fact that some of them were Women’s Title matches, and being a Bunny isn’t enough to warrant a title reign. I’m glad the better wrestlers are being pushed, though.

Melanie: Apparently, WWE subconsciously hates Playboy feuds at WrestleMania matches as much as we do.

• Michelle McCool Wins Diva Contest
Michelle McCool was crowned the winner of SmackDown!’s Diva contest on Friday night. The Diva beat out Cherry in the grand final to win a custom motorcycle and the tag of “SmackDown!’s top Diva.” The order of elimination for the contest is as follows: Maryse (Week 1), Victoria (Week 2), Eve (Week 3), Cherry (Week 4), Michelle wins.

Erin: What was the point of this again? There’s barely a handful of Divas on SD! anyways, so being the best out of them is truly being a small fish in a tiny, tiny pond.

Melanie: I don’t think it’s a surprise at all that Michelle won, given how hard WWE has been riding her. I definitely suspect foul play by WWE, though and that’s not just because I’m bitter.

• Hart of SmackDown!
Nattie Neidhart made her much anticipated debut this past week on SmackDown!, attacking Michelle McCool after she was announced the winner of the SmackDown! Diva contest. Nattie is the daughter of the legendary Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and niece of Owen and Bret.

Erin: I hope and pray that they use her properly. Maybe after spreading her wings on SmackDown they’ll move her to RAW, where decent face wrestlers are desperately needed. But hey, debuting a girl that can actually wrestle is enough of a step in the right direction, if you ask me.

Melanie: I’m glad WWE has called up a talented Diva for a change, but honestly this is a huge, huge waste of her talent. I believe Nattie would go over amazingly as a face on RAW.

• Victoria Wins
Consolation prize for losing the SmackDown! contest perhaps, Victoria has won the Chrysler custom car competition she entered with her souped-up car, the Black Widow. Victoria will be part of an expo for Chrysler later this year.

Erin: What an interesting hobby! lol.. That must take up a lot of her time, and wrestlers don’t seem to have much of that as it is. I’d have to say, I’m frightened that the WWE might turn that into a gimmick. I can see it now – Victoria riding out to the ring Eddie Guerrero-esque in souped-out cars. Ick.

Melanie: I have an inkling that this is a contest Victoria actually wants to win, compared to the contrived WWE contest *insert eye roll* Congrats to her on a personal victory!

Chyna’s Ample Assets•
Former Intercontinental and Women’s Champion, Chyna has had breast reduction surgery. Chyna had her breasts enhanced during her WWE career.

Erin: They must be huge, but honestly, her stature is so large that they never stood out that much to me. Those suckers must have been hurting her, though. Ouch. By the way, is she still clean, or has she broken down again for the 67th time? I’ve lost count. I miss how she was back when she feuded with Chris Jericho. I LOVED her then. But that’s long in the past, I suppose.

Melanie: Erm, good for her I guess?

• Lita Fires Back
Lita has taken to her MySpace to refute claims she turned down an offer to appear on the upcoming Hardy Boys DVD. The former Women’s Champion claims she was never approached and had she been, she’d be happy to oblige.

Erin: That’s good to hear. I’m glad she’s not bitter about how she was treated. Hopefully she’ll be on the DVD eventually – she was a major part of their career, and it’d be a shame for the WWE to overlook that.

Melanie: Begs the question, why didn’t WWE approach her?! I think her commenting would add a lot of sentimental value. What a shame.

• Trish Comments on BunnyMania
The legendary Trish Stratus commented this week on the way the Divas are used and the BunnyMania match at WrestleMania 24. Trish said: “I have always been this way, I think there is a place for it because particularly there is a deal with playboy so there is obviously a place for it, there always will be, but I really think they could always provide the other additional idea, that is kind of what I did, I had the women’s storyline going for the women’s championship and then it’s like Beth is the champion and there is no women’s championship match, so I just… boo hoo, I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit Jason.”

Erin: Trish couldn’t be more right. I kind of wish she spoke more harshly against it, since the WWE really has no more power over her. Speak out for the wrestlers, Trish! Fight the power! ;P

Melanie: I agree with Trish, I don’t like it one bit either. That said, the days of Trish Stratus are gone. Had Trish been in WWE right now, they’d give her priority over BunnyMania so they’d most likely have that match and a Women’s Championship match with Trish.

• Melina’s Poison Pen
Melina “confessed” to twice this week, both in the part character-part shoot demeanor she’s synonymous with. The Diva had some candid comments about the BunnyMania match, Divas who pose for Playboy as well as the comments Santino made on RAW about Divas being the “lowest form of entertainment.”

Erin: Go Melina! It’s sad how sexist the wrestling world still is. We’d like to think that it’s beyond that, but there are still people out there who see the Divas as nothing more than T&A. Granted, not all of them can put on decent matches these days, but there are shitty wrestlers on the men’s side who are seen as more than their physique. Give the women their due, whatever small it may be.

Melanie: Melina’s blogs are always good reads, but it’s hard to tell where her character ends and she begins – her blogs are always a mixed register of the two. Which kind of begs the question, is Melina really like her character and does she really believe in everything she’s saying? I can’t say I blame her if she does, but some may brand her “bitchy.”

Kelly’s Comeback•
Kelly Kelly hit back at Melina’s comments in her blog earlier in the week, through her MySpace. Melina commented that if fans wanted to see hot girls in little outfits they should watch ECW, however Kelly had other things in mind – pointing out how hard she and Layla work. However, Kelly didn’t call Melina out by name. Work or real-life tension?

Erin: Kelly has a right to be peeved, but honestly, the ECW girls don’t do much. Sure, they may train their asses off, but it’s not adding up to much in the way of progress.. If I were Kelly, I’d think about how I got into the business, compare it with how Melina did, and stay quiet. Wait a few years before you start calling out your coworkers.

Melanie: I know that there are fans out there who believe everything is a work and “OMG, this is gonna be a feud between Kelly and Melina.” Wishful thinking, if you ask me. I don’t see WWE planting seeds of a feud through Internet blogs, myself. I believe both Divas are shooting – Melina always speaks from the heart, as for Kelly, if this was setting up a feud wouldn’t she name Melina? She doesn’t. It seems Kelly’s just a tad pissed and needed to vent without incurring the wrath of the A-List Diva… backstage, that is.

Knockouts Locked Down
The TNA Knockouts will have another reason to celebrate, as they continue to beak ground in North American women’s wrestling. This time, it all involves a steel cage. Two Knockout matches have been signed for the TNA LockDown pay per view: Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed taking on ODB and Gail Kim and a “Queen of the Cage” match featuring eight Knockouts. The Knockouts will start the match on the outside, trying to get into the cage – the two that make it inside will have a singles match to determine the Queen of the Cage.

Erin:• That is so badass. It’s a shame TNA is so unwatched, because if this were to take place in the WWE, it’d be a huge deal. I’d love to see it done with the Divas, but with the current crop of inexperienced girls, that could be quite dangerous. I can’t wait to see what the Knockouts do with this.

Melanie: I can’t wait to see both matches, from BunnyMania to this – quite a step up for us women’s wrestling fans. The Queen of the Cage concept sounds kooky, though I’d much rather see all the girls starting out in the ring and maybe do a deal similar to the elimination chamber without the pods etc. that is. Just eliminations. Of the Knockouts involved, I’d love to see Rhaka Khan go over, I think she has huge potential when it comes to the Knockout Championship.

That wraps up this week’s Round-Up. Check back next week for more!

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