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The Round-Up – May 11, 2008


Get this week’s Diva news rounded up… with commentary! This week we discuss the release of a legend, the latest on Escort Ashley, a TNA Knockout’s opinion and who we think will get their head shaved!

• Torrie Wilson Leaves With Dignity Intact
This week’s big shocker was the release of Torrie Wilson. Torrie had been with the company for over 7 years and had been a fan favorite for years. There had been rumors that Wilson might have been a spokesperson, poster girl, or anything related of the sort for the company but according to our own Melanie, Torrie indeed asked for her release from the company.

Erin: I was shocked and bummed about this at first, but the more I thought about it, the more glad I was that it happened. Really, all Torrie would do if she stayed onboard would be promotional appearances and other useless jobs. Rather than squander the “major Diva” status she holds, it better to go out on your own terms and do your own thing. If she can’t wrestle, what’s the point? Bikini contests and photoshoots get old. Now she can focus on her store and go on other ventures. I’m happy for her. :)

Melanie: Obviously, I have a lot to say on this issue but I’m going to try and keep it brief. When I first found out the news, I was really shocked, saddened and pretty pissed off. But I got the chance to speak to Torrie and hearing her side of things made me do a complete 180 – I felt really positive and good, both for her and as a fan. Torrie will always be my favourite WWE Diva in history, I’m really lucky to have followed her entire career and even accomplish goals that I never could dream of: being able to consider her a friend, running her official fansite. It’s sad to see that this chapter in her life is over but I know that Torrie is extremely happy and therefore, I am too.

Ryan: Good for her, really. She’s been an amazing competitor throughout these past years, and I’ve loved watching her week after week. Sadly, I knew it was slowly coming to an end after reading her MySpace blog about the doctors saying she should stop wrestling due to her back issues. Torrie Wilson will never be forgotten – atleast by me. She has always been one of my favorite Diva’s. The positive side to this is now she can concentrate on her clothing store and move on with 7 wonderful years of wrestling under her belt. Good luck, Torrie. We here at Diva Dirt wish you the best of luck in everything that you do.

• Ashley Involved In Escort Service
During the past week, the FBI have allegedly indicated in an investigation into the Bella Models escort service in California and Florida that WWE Diva Ashley Massaro was involved in an escort service ran by Michelle “Nici” Braun, who would set up beautiful women with rich clients. These unknown rich clients then would pay the mandatory wages for the “services” the women provided them. The news was published in a recent article in Rolling Stone magazine, and made public worldwide. Ashley denied the allegations by posting a bulletin on her MySpace. As days continued to pass – the evidence began to mount on Massaro – thus proving she may have indeed participated in this “business”.

Erin: This has kind of confused me from the beginning – did she actually sleep with anyone? Was this before or during her WWE tenure? I could probably find out these answers if I got off my ass and read up on it (in fact, I’d give a gold star to anyone who can go onto her MySpace – or really anyone’s – without going into an epileptic seizure), but honestly, I’m kind of skeeved out by it all. I’ve got this mental image of Ashley standing on a street corner in Delaware wearing her in-ring gear – not that that’s anything like it (hypothetically) was. If she’s lying about it, she’s doing a pretty shitty job. But with the sketchy past of many a Diva, I can’t say it will SEVERLY damage the WWE’s reputation. If anything, people probably see that as typical for a company with a shitty reputation as it is.

Melanie: I don’t think it’s a case of whether it’s true or false anymore. The issue now is whether or not she should still be employed. If it comes out that she has had sex for money, there is no way for WWE to justify keeping her contracted. But then again, this is a company that employs a racist bigot and a man who stashed drugs in the wall of his old home. How are they still publicly funded? As for Ashley this situation has proven that a) she’s a liar, and b) she holds her fans in very little regard. To lie to your fans and then thank them for their support as if nothing’s happened, she assumes they’re all stupid… which maybe some of them are.

Ryan: This has been a huge gossip topic for the past week, and has been flooding wrestling news sites all over the World Wide Web. Being a fan of Massaro, I support her entirely. However, this doesn’t mean I support women sleeping around for money. Did Ashley “sleep around” with her clients? We don’t know – that was never proven. Ashley could’ve just been arm candy, escorting high-class bachelors to parties and whatnot, yet people are making this a huge deal. The wrestling fans who already hated Ashley for her ability in the ring are just maximizing this issue; most probably love the fact they have yet another reason to hate her. I love Ashley, probably just as much as some hate her. I stand by her regardless. Once a fan, always a fan; stay strong Ashley!

• TNA Knockout Comments On Escort Ashley
TNA Knockout, Velvet Sky addressed a question in a recent interview about the whole Ashley Massaro ordeal. Sky commented on the escort situation by saying, “That’s Disgusting” and continued cracking jokes later on in the interview as well.

Erin: Ugh, just keep your mouth shut. I don’t care if Ashley’s a dirty rotten whore and you’re a complete angel – it makes YOU look bad to make fun of her when you’re supposed to be a professional. But hey, screw it – “Ashleygate” has given me the giggles too – I’m just not being questioned on the radio about it, so who knows what I’d do in her position. A “no comment” would probably suffice, but I’ve got a heart of gold, so…

Melanie: I’m amused by her comments, in all honestly. I wondered who the first Diva/Knockout to address Ashley would be.

Ryan: Who does she think she is, honestly? I can’t stand this skank. She’s going to sit around and crack jokes on Ashley Massaro when she’s the one that barely wears any clothing during her matches? Now “that’s disgusting”. Ashley may have done this escort crap, and it’s considered trashy, but when Velvet Sky gets some more apparel and class – she can make a comment – until then, she can keep her mouth shut. She might as well be nude when she grinds against the middle rope during her entrance. People may be considering me bias for stating this in Ashley defense – but honestly. Like one of our blog readers stated, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, Velvet.”

• Trish Stratus Makes Cameo Appearance!
During Monday Night RAW in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Trish Stratus made a cameo appearance! The Canadian fans went absolutely crazy, giving Trish a huge pop. Stratus appeared in a short segment with Trevor Murdoch and Ron Simmons. Also, she had an exclusive interview with Todd Grisham in which discussed what she had been doing recently, such as her new Yoga studio: Stratusphere. The question that’s been circulating the blog is if Stratus should continue to make occasional appearances or just rare ones.

Erin: I honestly had to think for a few seconds about who the blonde chick was. Then I realized it was Trish and was more confused than before. :P THEN I realized they were in Toronto. Of course people are going to buzz about it, but I hate that a few seconds of a speechless cameo trumps a Women’s Title match in the coverage department. Trish, I love you, but if you’re going to be gone, STAY gone. You know, unless it serves an actual purpose. You’re popular enough that your mere presence overshadows all the rest of the Divas. Fuck – and with plenty of heels that aren’t over and faces that few people cheer for unless their tits are perky and exposed – it doesn’t help the progession of the women’s division to take any sort of backwards step. Go do your yoga, Trish – I miss you and remember you fondly, but I’m ready to move on from the “Stratus” era.

Melanie: Seeing her on RAW was the highlight of the show. And like I’ve written elsewhere on the site, here is a legend that comes in for a 50 second segment and shows more charisma and more personality than any of the other Divas currently under contract have ever shown. In 50 freakin’ seconds! I also wrote that I think WWE should hire Trish to do a one or two day workshop with the girls and bring that charisma/personality out in them.

Ryan: It was so great to see her! I actually had a gut feeling she’d make an appearance on the show, seeing as how it was in Toronto. Since Trish Stratus took her final bow and left the company, I haven’t really been following her, to be honest. I knew she was at several award shows and opening her own Yoga Studio – but that’s about it. Regardless, it was great to see her back on Monday Night RAW. Now, to the point of her cameo appearances; I believe that Trish should make rare appearances, such as only on special occasions. I think when a “retired” Superstar or Diva keeps re-appearing, it gets dry and boring. Anyways, I hope she does well with her Yoga Studio and big kudos on that huge pop she received. Trish Stratus still has it, and that segment proved it all.

• Mickie James victorious over Beth Phoenix
Beth Phoenix seemed to have it all: the Women’s Championship, practically the whole Diva roster losing to her week after week and the title of WWE’s most dominant Diva. That all changed on the international tour when Mickie James surprisingly rolled Phoenix up for a pin – capturing the Women’s Championship. After winning the title, Mickie James and her group of Divas, including Michelle McCool, Ashley Massaro, and Maria Kanellis, have been showing that Mickie James does indeed deserve the title around her waist. The most recent example was a Lumberjill match on Monday Night RAW, where Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix in a Women’s Championship title re-match due to Melina missing James and hitting Phoenix instead. Will Mickie continue to carry the belt and the wins over Phoenix?

Erin: I’m just looking forward to possible Melina involvement in this. I wasn’t paying too close attention to the match (I think it was the pinstripes on Mickie’s tights temporarily blinding me), but so far, I’m not too psyched about Mickie as champion. It just seems hollow, as if the title is floating in empty space. Maybe I’m getting too philosphical, but we really need a champion that brings excitement and meaning to the title. Maybe that’s in the hands of the creative team, but with the West Side Story-esque Diva feud we’ve got going on, the focus isn’t really on the title, and I think that if they want the Women’s Title to really mean something, they have to have it in the forefront AT ALL TIMES. Make it seem important, ‘E – not just some gaudy, gold-plated accessory that helps Mickie keep her pants up..

Melanie: To be honest, I’ve really enjoyed this feud, it has kind of an epic feel to it as it’s drawn in the entire Divas roster and forced them to choose sides. Until Monday night, everything seemed black and white but then WWE threw a spanner in the works – Melina – and now we have shades of grey. Will Beth turn on Melina? Will Melina turn face? There’s a lot of fun possibilities and I for one look forward to seeing Melina added into the mix and hopefully there’ll be a triple threat match at Judgment Day.

Ryan: Mmmk, first off. Let me just state that in “out of character context”, Mickie James is a super sloppy competitor. Her past few matches have been crap to me. She’s super anxious and giddy and it gives me a headache. Secondly, it seems like WWE likes to have the Heel Divas win at the Pay-Per-Views, and then the Face Divas to win the re-matches. It may be just me, but that’s what I always see. And lastly, where do I see all this Mickie James being the champion, going? I think Phoenix will take it back eventually, but this has to involve Melina somehow… due to the fact Perez cost Beth her rematch clause. It’s just too exciting, and I can’t even think of what’s going to happen. I’ll have to wait and see.

• Incest Angle Completely Dropped?
It was announced this week that WWE has completely dropped the incest angle with Katie Lea and Paul Burchill. The duo were to play a brother and sister duo with implications that they are sexually attracted to each other. With WWE now gearing towards a younger audience, the angle has been dropped. Instead, they are now a brother-sister tag team.

Erin: PRAISE THE BLOODY LORD. I was creeped out at even the thought of it. I know the WWE isn’t known for it’s class – I mean Christ, KATIE VICK, anyone? – but this would be too much. I want Katie to have a nice, long WWE career, and that shit would follow her for the duration of it. It’s a cheap and shameless idea, and I’m glad Vince (or someone) harvested a brain and stuck it in their heads and came to their senses. Now, if only we could cut out a few more knots..

Melanie: Praise the lord! I love this new angle, I think it’s a great introduction to Katie as a wrestler and she could easily join the women’s division through it in future.

Ryan: Ew. Incest? That’s so filthy. I wouldn’t want any incest angle at all, in my opinion. I’m happy Stephanie declined the storyline both times – and I’m happy this angle was dropped. I think if Lea had gone through with this, people would look at her differently. The whole storyline with Kane and Lita was disgusting to me – and this is just pushing it. Hopefully the storyline has been dropped and Katie and Paul can just be a couple or something. It’ll be interesting to see how WWE makes these changes, seeing as how Katie has been addressing Paul as her brothers a few times now.

• ECW 100th Anniversary – Kelly’s Expose Returns
On the 100th Anniversary of ECW, the creative team – I assume – decided to bring back a one time edition of Kelly’s Expose to recogonize where the ECW Vixen started 100 episodes ago. Kelly competed with Layla in the event, which then eventually led to a catfight between the two.

Erin: BOOBS! Seriously, what’s the point? You know she’s not going to get naked, and even if she did, she’s got a rack that you could find on Google in 2 seconds. She’s a platinum blonde, tan chick who can’t do much of anything convincingly – where’s the appeal? I admire my goddamn mailbox more than her – it’s entertained and impressed me far more than she ever will.

Melanie: Kelly’s hardly accomplished in the WWE, but even so, if I was her and Creative came up to me and told me I was doing a one night comeback of Kelly’s Expose I’d cringe. To be reminded that you started in WWE as a glorified stripper is just lolz. I love the significance placed on Kelly’s Expose warranting it a comeback, was it really such an influential part of ECW a la Piper’s Pit to WWE back in the day? Haha!

Ryan: Lmfao! I think the only moment I enjoyed ever, and I mean ever, from watching Kelly’s Expose… was when the girl couldn’t unhook her bra. You could just see the struggling and anxiousness in her facial expressions – yet, she tried to cover it up by twirling her ass in circles. To be frank, I don’t watch ECW – I rarely ever do. However, when I saw this segment on YouTube… I thought to myself “Haven’t I seen this before?” How many times is this little segment going to be re-done? Oh and Kelly can’t dance; the girl needs a new hobby.

• At TNA Sacrifice, A Head Will Be Shaven!
A certain TNA Knockout will have her head shaved bald by the end of TNA’s Pay-Per-View, Sacrifice. The Knockouts participating in this hair-threatening match include Gail Kim, ODB, Traci Brooks, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Jacqueline, Christy Hemme, Roxxi Laveaux, Rhaka Khan, and Salinas. The winning Knockout will indeed face Awesome Kong some point in the future for the TNA Knockout Championship, and the runner-up gets her head shaved bald! This past week however, an immunity match was made and the Knockout who won the match would be immune from getting her head shaved bald. At the end of iMPACT!, Gail Kim was the winner – saving herself from an unwanted haircut.

Erin: I’m getting violent flashbacks to Molly’s head being shaven. I was disgusted then, and I’d probably be disgusted now if I get around to watching the match on YouTube. I mean, it takes balls to get your head shaven, and I admire that, but what in the hell and the hootenanny is more gimmicky and obvious than a hair match? Blegh. If you’re going to be above the WWE, BE ABOVE THE WWE. Do ladder matches, cage matches, hardcore matches – but don’t remind us that we have a sick, twisted perversion towards a helpless woman getting her head shaved against her will. God knows I give off that vibe CONSTANTLY. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to watch “V for Vendetta”..

Melanie: Eugh all these stupid gimmick matches in TNA give me a freakin’ headache! Okay so, the loser gets her head shaved, the winner wins a title shot and then we have an immunity match where one of the girls, if she loses, doesn’t have to get her head shaved?! Could it be anymore confusing?! Screw this, until TNA delivers a solid women’s feud like Kong-Gail, I refuse to watch. They like to say how different they are from WWE, but it seems to me they’re adopting WWE’s style by having mass-booking of the Knockouts just to get them all on the show to compensate for the lack of big stars. That’s exactly what WWE has been doing since Trish and Lita left. I am about 75% confident Rhaka Khan will lose so TNA can teach her a lesson.

Ryan: TNA always has super interesting matches – Oh wait, wasn’t this like already used in WWE in 2004? If anything, I’m all about being creative… and hate when the same thing is re-used time and time again. Although, I am quite interested in seeing which Knockout gets their head shaved completely bald. I think the only one that would be able to pull it off would be O.D.B. However, I really would like to see Velvet Sky lose her hair. She’d probably look better, seeing as her highlights look like immense crap. I expected Gail Kim to win the match this week on iMPACT! too. They wouldn’t shave the “knockout pioneer’s” hair.

• Natalya and Katie Lea’s Future?
New SmackDown! Diva, Natalya and new RAW Diva, Katie Lea have been impressing fans lately from their recent matches. It’ll be interesting to see how each Diva evolves their character on their current brand and which Diva skyrockets first to the Women’s Championship.

Erin: They’re fresh blood that weren’t hired out of a Venus Swimear catalog or the ugly cousin of a talent competition AND they can wrestle – they’re the second coming of Jesus as far as I’m concerned. It’s a miracle the WWE’s let them come this far. Someone might want to let Johnny Ace know that neither of them are underaged swimsuit models or reality show rejects – or maybe not. Just let this one slip by.. I quite like this mistake. :)

Melanie: I’m loving both of these girls, they both have so much to offer and in fact, I think they could be the future of the women’s division. Put them both on RAW, get them both involved in the women’s division! Given Natalya’s lineage, she could be a huge face like Trish. Katie is somewhat reminiscent of Lita. With Mickie, Melina, Beth, Katie and Natalya you got a hot women’s division!

Ryan: Natalya – I remember watching on Ohio Valley Wrestling. She was beast. Katie Lea – I’ve never actually seen wrestle until her handicap match with Paul Burchill against Super Crazy. Out of the two, I can’t really decide who I think would possibly have the first shot at the title. But, I’m leaning more towards Natalya due to the fact she’s a part of the Mickie James and Beth Phoenix storyline while Lea is in a completely different ball field.

That wraps up this week’s Round-Up. Check back next week for more!

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