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The Week in Fashion: Best & Worst Dressed for August 1st, 2009


It’s a staple of tabloid magazines: hard hitting, investigative & highly entertaining! Best & Worst Dressed lists can make or break careers in Hollywood and for a site with ‘Dirt’ in the title, it’s only fitting we take this time tested feature & apply it to our Divas! Each week we’ll bring you the best and worst looks from the week gone by, it’s pretty simple right?


Key: School-like grading scheme

It wasn’t a great week for Diva/Knockout fashion this past week. So I guess I’m clutching at straws with my ‘Best’ picks for the week, but congrats to Melina, Gail Kim and Michelle McCool anyway.

Big pay per view match usually means new attire for our Divas, as we saw at Night of Champions when Melina wore what I think was a new variation of her usual ring-wear. The maroon coloured tights are a nice addition to her wardrobe which ranges the rainbow already. C

As for Raw Diva, Gail Kim, her usual off-the-shoulder tops and shorts were back this week in silver. Again not out of the norm for G-Kim but I liked it in silver. C

Last but finally not least is Michelle McCool, who busted out a new colour much like Melina for their PPV match. Michelle is one of those girls that not every colour suits, so the colour choice could have gone wrong here… but thankfully, it didn’t. I would go as far as to say this is probably Michelle’s most flattering variation yet, green seems to suit her exquisitely. B-

This week’s ‘Worst’ after the cut:


Key: ‘Minor mishap’ / ‘Progressively worse’ / ‘Lost cause’

With the good comes the bad and sadly for this crop of Divas & Knockouts, they fell short of reaching an acceptable Diva Dirt standard. Apologies to these girls but if they’re reading [which they likely aren’t] consider it a challenge to make it to our ‘Best’ list next time!

Remember how we mentioned new colours for big PPV matches? While Melina and Michelle got it right, Mickie James opted for a less flattering silver with streaks of red option. It would’ve been a real sight at Night of Champions had Maryse opted for her Iron Man outfit, Iron Man vs War Machine! Minor mishap.

Monday night on Raw saw Alicia Fox try out new attire but it didn’t quite click for me. The pants looked like jeans and I hate wrestling in jeans *coughJILLIANcough* The gold looks good though. Minor mishap.

For Kelly Kelly, wearing a jersey for the pop is really unimaginative. Progressively worse.

It’s a shame to see such a legend conform to the ‘Knockout standard’ of fashion by which I mean mismatched items from a random costume shop. Throw this altogether and you have a ring full of girls who look like they’ve either A) dressed in the dark or B) been to a clothes swap party. It seems Tara has finally succumb to said ‘Knockout standard’ ditching her spandex for the black pants and top. Sure, the former Victoria fits in well with the Beautiful People but at what cost? In her tailored spandex costumes, VicTara always looked like a pure wrestler — which she is; someone who looked the part of a wrestler and didn’t need to atone by trying to divert attention through a hot mess of attire. She doesn’t need to conform to the ‘Knockout standard’ to hang in there with the Angelinas, Velvets and co. Sad to see & I hope it’s not a regular thing. Minor mishap [for now].

Proving things really have gotten topsy-turvy this week, is a woman who was voted ‘Most Stylish’ last year — Layla. Like Alicia and Tara who usually look great, it seems like Layla had an off week. I absolutely adored her ring attire a few weeks ago, when she wore a pastel purple version of this outfit. But I don’t like the hot pink variation, it looks a little gaudy and I’m not sure what’s going on with the black lace. Minor mishap.

That’s all for our Best & Worst Dressed list! As with all things Diva Dirt, you can have your say in the comments. Anymore fashion dos and don’ts you’d like to bring to our attention? Want to add in your own critiques? You know what to do!

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