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The WrestleMania Rub: Who Will Be Miss WrestleMania?


25 Divas will participate in the Miss WrestleMania match tomorrow night, but we know that in all honesty, only a select handful have a real chance at winning. WrestleMania is the event where dreams come true, where Superstars are made – so for one lucky lady tomorrow night, they will get the ultimate rub as they defeat the entire Divas roster and a few legends to boot. So who will be Miss WrestleMania? We’ve got the inside track on just who the winner may be…

Let’s be frank, no Tiffany, Bella or Torres has a cat’s chance in hell of winning in the long run. And while you’re at it, you can rule out Layla, Jillian, Alicia and Rosa too. So that leaves us with a smaller selection pool.

WWE’s creative team must make a choice and the options are as follows. Do you give the Miss WrestleMania title to…

– The Top Diva (in order to solidify her spot)
– The Rising Diva (in order to push them as top-tier and get them over)
– The Diva Legend (for the nostalgia of WrestleMania)

Then we must calculate which Diva goes in which category and effectively, we can cross a few more names off the list. For example, Maryse and Melina. As the Divas Champion and the Women’s Champion respectively, they don’t need to win this match and most likely won’t. So here’s the breakdown:

The Top Diva
Besides Maryse and Melina, there are really only three established top Divas on the roster right now. Winning this match, could help them solidify their spot and even bring them back into the championship fold. Those three Divas are: Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool and Mickie James. All three of these Divas have received monster pushes in the past and continue to do so, however without championship gold around their waste they could use that extra push and the ‘Miss WrestleMania’ title could be it.

The Rising Diva
The rising Diva is a Diva who’s not exactly established as top-tier yet, but WWE has pushed them substantially. By having them win the ‘Miss WrestleMania’ title, it could be the push they need to turn them into a Divas division superstar! Of the Divas who fall under that category, I can think of three, however unfortunately I’m going to have to rule out Natalya as she hasn’t been pushed too much in comparison to the other two. Those two Divas are Raw’s Kelly Kelly and SmackDown’s Gail Kim. By giving the win to either of these two, WWE is showing confidence in them to join the ranks of the ‘Top Divas’ and pushing them as their new one to watch. WrestleMania is all about creating new stars and by giving the win to either of these two would establish them and offer them multiple opportunities for the year ahead much like the ‘Money in the Bank’ winner.

The Diva Legend
Of all the returning Divas coming in for WrestleMania, only one has an actual shot at winning. I could totally see WWE giving this Diva the win over all the others and that’s Trish Stratus. Despite being retired, her popularity hasn’t waned and she is still a high priority for the Divas division. Giving her a win here plays into the nostalgia of WrestleMania and sends the fans home happy.

So who do you go with? I think those are our six options. We’ll find out who wins tomorrow night at WrestleMania.

But for now, who would you go with? The Top Diva? The Rising Diva? Or the Diva Legend? Vote below.

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