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The WrestleMania Seven: Miss Jackie

So since rolling out the first installment for The WrestleMania Six earlier in the week, I have run into a snag! It looks as though the ‘six’ have become seven after Nidia was announced as the latest participant! So we’ve had to redesign our sets etc., so to speak.

This Sunday at WrestleMania 25, WWE pays homage to it’s 25th anniversary with an honorary 25 Diva battle royal for the title of Miss WrestleMania. Not only will the current crop of Divas have an opportunity to win said title but so will some names and faces from the past – the WrestleMania Seven! Stealing a page from Lost‘s Oceanic Six, we have dubbed our seven returning Divas after the wacky ABC show.

While Hassan looks at the current Divas in WrestleMania Spotlight, over the next few days, I will be looking at the seven returning Divas who will compete in the Miss WrestleMania match.

sd5for500_stephMISS JACKIE
WWE Debut: 2002
WWE Release: 2005
Career Highlights: Tough Enough Champion

Confirmed or Declined?
WWE confirmed Miss Jackie during the WrestleMania press conference.

Past WrestleMania Appearances
Jackie teamed up with more memorable Diva, Stacy Keibler to take on more memorable Divas, Sable and Torrie Wilson at WrestleMania XX in a Playboy Evening Gown match which her team lost.

Jackie’s WrestleMania Moment
As written above, Jackie was involved in the first ever Playboy-themed WrestleMania match in 2004, at the 20th anniversary of the show.

Miss WrestleMania Threat Factor
While Jackie has her followers, she was never too popular in the WWE and her career came and went. I’m guessing her involvement in this match somewhat hinged on her marriage to Charlie Haas, WWE needed a favour and she obliged. I don’t think Jackie will last too long in the match.

Biggest Threats
It would be cool to see Jackie square off against her fellow Tough Enough Champion, Nidia or team up with her to take on some of the Diva Search girls. Either way, I expect Jackie will have her hands full and most likely be one of the first eliminated.

Likelihood of Winning
I’d put Jackie’s chances at slim to none.

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