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The WWE Divas View

Being a full-time/working student, I’m not able to dedicate as much time as I’d like to at the fan forums I belong to, the websites I run, or even for a few ‘Hot Topics’ here at Diva-Dirt.Com – ay, le sigh. But when I do muster up enough strength and settle behind a computer screen, I’m going to bask in the opportunity.

I’ve always said: “Diva-Dirt.Com reminds me of ABC’s ‘The View‘ – an eclectic group of ladies with different points of view. We use this platform to which we’re able to sound off and spread love. That being said, love us or hate us, we’re here to stay.” Well, as the blogger with less than ten post counts under her belt and having had more comebacks than Shawn Michaels himself, I’m still apart of this team, damnit!

So, it’s my day off. I wake up and figure the rest of the world can wait. No class. No work. Still in my PJs and memories fresh from the night before, I long for my favorite intro: “All that, Hot Topics, and more! Coming up on Season Eleven of The View!” As I channel surf in search for “The View” indeed, there it is, in big, bold, black and red letters: President-Elect Barack Obama Announces National Security Team.

Are you shitting me?! I want to watch “The View”, damnit! Yes, I’m proud of my country and the many ‘changes’ it’ll be going through. Of course I am, but until its January 20, 2009 – the day in which Obama, Inc. takes over the White House, I really don’t want to hear, read or learn about what’s going on around me… especially on my day off where I want to do what I want to do. Capeash?

On a side-note, I am glad to see Hillary Clinton back in the White House. Represent NY, what, what!

Ugh. So then it hits me: I should do something productive; “What haven’t I done in a while? Diva-Dirt.Com!” So, I’ve decided that if I can’t watch “The View” then I’ll just create it. And so, with this long introduction and forward into my next installment of PROJECT DIVA, I present to you… WWE: THE VIEW.

A panel of five ladies round off the infamous table at “The View”: Founder and Creator, Barbara Walters, View moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, along with Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. The stated goal of “The View” is to showcase women with a range of perspectives. The show opens each day with “Hot Topics,” in which the co-hosts provide their commentary on the day’s top headlines in politics and entertainment.

Of the WWE Divas, who do I firmly believe would create great co-hosts amongst each other, to which they will not only attract viewers but also raise controversy, demand opinions and instill a lasting impression long after the hour talk-show is over? Well, how nice of you to ask. Take a look at my suggestions:

Barbara Walters – Linda McMahon: Barbara Walters usually plays Mother Hen. When she talks, the other chickies listen (most of the time). Who better than Linda McMahon to fill in this role? Walters is as to what McMahon is. A powerful woman who is as strong and successful in her line of work, as she is effortlessly eloquent on-screen and to those around her. Walters is calm, cool, and collective with a wide-range of knowledge and in both “been there, done that.” She commands both your attention and respect. Linda McMahon, Board of Directors of WWE, the perfect candidate.

Whoopi Goldberg – Mickie James: Whoopi Goldberg’s background in the entertainment business isn’t much of a stranger to controversy, to which the same could be said about Mickie James. While both Goldberg and James may have made a couple of “Oops, what was I thinking?” choices in their career, their immense popularity with the public goes to show, it’s not who you were, it’s who you are that makes us love you! Like Goldberg, James’ tends to view both sides of the fence, so it’s often hard to tell if she believes her cup is half-full or half-empty. At any chance I get to read an out-of-character blog or an interview that features James, I whole-heartedly believe that she’s as genuine as she can be. Popular amongst her peers and her public, Mickie James would be the idle choice for “the mouthpiece” of our “View.”

Joy Behar – Victoria: Comedic value with valid points. Victoria would make the perfect selection in Behar’s role. Most of us have already read Victoria’s more serious blogs in which she talks about steroid use and the effect it can have on it’s female performers, and her presence on Friday Night Smackdown can attest to the fact she’s one funky lady who isn’t afraid of self-deprecating humor. These are qualities Joy instills. She’ll get her point across, and fight for her view, and while it may seem like she doesn’t give two shits and a rat’s tail about what you’ve got to say, she’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, then squash you with her words in point oh-two seconds. Does this not scream Victoria? I think so.

Sherri Shepherd – Layla: Sherri Shepherd is such a treasure on “The View,” you really don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone. Much like Layla. When they’re on, they’re good at what they do, and when they’re not on, you can’t help but to wish that they were. Sherri doesn’t always contend in the ring with the other ladies on “The View” (much like Layla doesn’t always compete in the ring), but when she does, oh, what fire! There’s something very likeable about Sherri as the same applies to Layla. Sherri brings a young perspective as a woman of color and funky hair. And well, so does Layla. And hey, if the shoe fits… throw it at C.M. Punk.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck – Michelle McCool: Controversy. Controversy. Controversy. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the little blonde, cutesy Christian, who’s got a mouth and an opinion about anything, everything and anyone. She’s famous for her battles with Rosie O’Donnell and even Whoopi Goldberg. She’s athletic, educated, and oh-so All-American. She’s also got passion, fashion, friends, enemies and just plain frienemies. Michelle McCool seems to be the exact same person, only with a few feuds of her own. The general public isn’t sure what to make of either of them. Do you love them or hate them? Do you hate to love them, or do you love to hate them? Whatever the case may be, they bring something special to the table and to the ring, which commands your undying attention. And that’s always a good thing. Elizabeth is a proud and notorious Republican, and that may be the only thing that separates her from McCool (though it’s noted McCool may indeed vote for the same team). They may not win the popular vote, but they’ll find a way to win, one way or another.

So, how does my observation measure up? In this edition of Project Diva, I took it beyond the style of what you see on the outside to the style from within our favorite WWE employees. Comparing their personalities and backgrounds to daytime’s Fab Five, I think it’s pretty darn good. Mind you, I did create this blog and all… but hey, if someone gave Linda McMahon, Mickie James, Victoria, Layla and Michelle McCool a talk-show of their own… hell yeah, I’d watch! Wouldn’t you?

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