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This Week’s Roundtable Discussion Post (August 13th, 2009)

This week on an all new Roundtable, the Diva Dirt team will be discussing WWE, TNA and a lot more! Join us as usual, on Thursday. But in the meantime, have your say on your topics:

Please try to keep them short and sweet — just one sentence, so we can read out as many comments as possible.

This week we will have one umbrella topic: “In a ratings and PPV buy driven world, is there success and profit to be had in the respective Divas and Knockouts divisions? And why is women’s women’s wrestling so often seen as an afterthought by major promotions?”

[Note: There’s a specific reason we opted to cover this topic this week. More details on the Roundtable on Thursday.]

We are also going to do a segment where we answer your questions about anything and everything, from wrestling to random stuff! If you have a question for Melanie, Erin, Steven or Tiffany, just leave it in a comment and make sure you state who your question is for! Whether it be an opinion on a certain Diva or if you just want to know what their favourite sandwich filling is!

Remember: Keep your comments brief, one sentence is best. I’m being serious about this, every week we get huge paragraphs from some of you and bear in mind, I have to read this out and it gets tongue-twistery. I know it’s hard to say what you want to say in a line or two, but it’s important to keep your comments brief so we can read them out.

Please copy and paste and the form below into the comments box, to best help us! Feel free to leave any field blank if you don’t want to answer:

Your name (required):
Comment on this week’s topic:
Question for Melanie/Steven/Erin/Tiffany (delete as applicable):

Don’t forget to join us on Thursday for the Roundtable!

– Catch up on past Roundtable episodes on iTunes

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