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THQ Creative Director for WWE Games Talks About Size of Divas Roster in WWE ’12

Diva fans were severely disappointed this past weekend when the Divas roster for WWE ’12 was revealed. The roster had seemingly been cut in half from the year before.

Just seven Divas were revealed on Saturday, down from 13-14 for last year’s SmackDown vs Raw. With Trish Stratus also expected to be in the game, that brings the total to eight.

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THQ’s Cory Ledesma, who is Creative Director for the WWE games, has commented on the fan out-pour via Twitter:

We cant win on the Diva roster issue. People complain we have too many, others complain not enough. Divas in DLC..wait for the announcement.

Ledesma also confirmed that Gail Kim and Melina, who were recently released by WWE, won’t be in the game at all. For obvious reasons they weren’t part of the roster reveal, but like Mickie James last year, there was a hope that they might appear in the final product. However, Ledesma says that the only two released Superstars in the game who weren’t included in Saturday’s reveal are Chavo Guerrero and Vladimir Kozlov.

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So to recap: Expect only 7-8 Divas in the actual game, and more available as downloadable content. Of course, you’ll have to pay extra for the bonus Divas who aren’t in the initial product.

Pissed off? Which Divas should be available as downloads? Shout off in the comments…

Thanks to Josh Jordan for the tip.

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