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Thunder Rosa wants to be a fighting AEW Women’s World Champion and defend the title everywhere

Thunder Rosa has a huge opportunity coming up at AEW’s Revolution event on March 6 where she will be challenging for the AEW Women’s World Championship. The current champion, Dr. Britt Baker, has held the title since Double or Nothing in May of last year and Rosa would like to have Baker’s title reign come to an end.

Credit : AEW

There was a time prior to Rosa becoming All Elite, that she was a fighting champion in AEW and other promotions. This was because she was the NWA World Women’s Champion and was fighting to defend that championship in various promotions. She would like to do the same if she were to win the AEW title.

While speaking with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture she goes further into details of what she would like to see in her future and raising the AEW Women’s Championship to new levels.

“Get ready, ladies. Some of the matches I have envisioned and some of the things I would love to do…when I was NWA (Women’s) Champion, I was a fighting champion. I went out everywhere, I defended the thing during COVID times. I found a way to make it relevant and I want the AEW women’s division, kind of like Kenny Omega was doing, I would love to do something like that. I think we haven’t had a champion like that and I think I have what it takes to be that. I have the grit, the determination, the consistency, everything is developing with Thunder Rosa.”

She continues to discuss criticism that she receives and the difference she intends to bring to the AEW women’s division after winning the championship. She says she wants to represent others over herself, unlike the current champion.

“A lot of people criticize me because they think that I can’t cut promos. You guys haven’t seen the promos that I have cut because on TV, things get edited and changed. I’ve been working so hard at my English too, my dictation, how smart I sound. I’m not cursing as much in Spanish. When my time comes, in the time that I become a champion, I want you guys to see it. It can be a coin toss. I’m prepared for success and failure. Failure will prepare me for a bigger thing, but I know I’m not going to fail. If it happened, it’s not the last you’ve seen of Thunder Rosa in or outside the ring. I’m always ready to win, but I’m prepared for the unknown. I could have shit on Britt Baker, she can say whatever she wants, I’m not worried about her. That’s the last of my thoughts.

My thoughts are, when I achieve this, how am I going to make the division completely different? What difference am I going to make when I become a leader of the locker room? A real leader. That’s what I’ve been working on the last two years. How to become a real leader that leads with passion, compassion, and is ready to take on challenges, build other people up, represent others instead of just representing me as a doctor or whatever. I’m ready to represent the people. They call me the people’s champ. Is that trademarked? If not, I’m going to start using it. [h/t – Fightful]

Check back in with Diva Dirt to see if Thunder Rosa is able to defeat Dr. Britt Baker and become the people’s champion.

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