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Tiffany Stratton Retains; Rhea Ripley Appears On NXT


A NXT Women’s Title match kicked off the June 27 episode of NXT. Tiffany Stratton defended against the number one contender Thea Hail.

The match was fast paced with Hail impressing the crowd. Hail had who she thought was in her corner at ringside. Along with Duke Hudson, Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey watched on before they interfered. The final moments had Dempsey pulling back the ropes so that Stratton couldn’t reach it. This caught the referee’s attention along with Gulak jumping on the ring apron.

With the referee busy with Gulak, Hail locked the Kimura in on Stratton causing her to tap but the official didn’t see it. As Hail argues with the referee, Stratton rolls her up into a bridge to get the win.

After the match, Gulak and Dempsey start yelling and targeting Hail. Hudson enters the ring and the duo attacks him. This leads to Andre Chase’s return.

There is a backstage segment that was taped from last week. Dana Brooke was in medical with ice on her knee from her defeat. Kelani Jordan emerged and the two have a conversation. Brooke says that she has been watching her and is happy to see a fellow gymnast. She says once she is healed she would like to get in the ring with Jordan.

The Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley makes an appearance backstage to warn Carmelo Hayes to stay away from the Judmenr Day.

The second women’s match was between Gigi Dolin and Kiana James. This rivalry has been brewing a few weeks with Fallon Henley sharing some words of wisdom to Dolin about her former tag team partner.

The final moments of the bout had James attempting to hit Dolin with her bag, but Dolin avoided it. Dolin hit the Schoolboy Bomb on James for the pinfall victory.

Post match, James hit Dolin from behind with her bag and followed up with a flatliner. James pulled two cans of paint out of her bag and dumped it on Dolin.

Ripley appeared backstage once again after Lyra Valkyria beatdown Jacy Jayne. She says that Jayne deserved it.

Meta Four’s Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend call out Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler.

The future of either the Diamond Mine or Schism is in danger. Next week, the Creed Brothers will take on the Dyad with the losers leaving NXT.