Thursday, June 8, 2023

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TLC Kickoff Results: Sasha Banks Defeats Becky Lynch

Tonight on the TLC Kickoff show, Boston’s own Sasha Banks bested Becky Lynch in front of her hometown crowd.

After Team B.A.D. serenaded the audience with an original “Christmas carol”, Sasha went to work, battling Becky in a back-and-forth match that tested both Divas’ technical prowess and stamina.

In the end, it was the numbers advantage that gave Sasha the edge.

In usual Team B.A.D. fashion, outside interference turned the tides, Tamina distracting the referee as Naomi freed Sasha from Becky’s Dis-arm-her, allowing the former NXT Women’s Champion to hit the Bank Statement and force Becky to tap out.

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