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TLC Predictions: Charlotte vs. Paige for the Divas Title

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Tonight at TLC, Charlotte defends the Divas Title against Paige. Will Paige be able to get in Charlotte’s head? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Chris: Who the hell is the heel? Charlotte wins.

Erin: For various reasons, this feud ran out of steam around Survivor Series. I understand why the WWE has extended it, but the murkiness of the story has made it seriously uninteresting. I’m all for Divas playing tweener roles and busting out of the heel/babyface boxes, but neither Charlotte or Paige have expressed clear motivations, and their characters are so lacking in detail that it’s hard to guess where they’re going with this. In some circumstances, unpredictability like that would be a good thing. Here, it’s just a sign that the WWE’s running out the clock on 2015. Charlotte retains the title.

Jack: I sadly don’t see Paige stopping the cringeworthy reign of Charlotte, but if the Queen City native transitions to a fully heel character, then I will have reason to be annoyed by her as she is meant to irritate me. I believe the above to be the case, leading to her feuding with either Natalya, Becky Lynch or the over-as-hell, The New Day-like Sasha Banks of Team B.A.D. Charlotte retains.

Josue: I have to admit that I am a bit more interested in this title rematch between Charlotte and Paige following Raw’s outwardly double turn. Charlotte has been very bland as a babyface champion but I think adopting some of her father’s gimmick as the “Dirtiest Diva in the Game” can do wonders for her and her reign as Divas Champion. On the other side, Paige continues to receive those pops from fans so trying to keep her heel just feels counterproductive now. Unlike their last title match, Charlotte will have Ric Flair by her side, which tells me that he will somehow try to get involve in this match. Whether that be through an attempt at distracting Paige or causing a DQ, I see Charlotte retaining the Divas title. My only wish is that after this PPV, we find a new contender for the Divas title and that Ric Flair presence diminishes.

BREAKDOWN: 4 for Charlotte, 0 for Paige.

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