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TNA British Boot Camp 2 Write-Up: Episode 4, “UK Finals”

Salutations ladies and gentlemen! After three weeks of British Boot Camp auditions all throughout the UK, we’ve at last arrived to the UK finals, where only six of our sixteen finalist will advance to the United States and being that much closer to a TNA contract.

We have a London wrestling show at York Hall this week and on the card is a Fatal Four-Way (though originally it was said to have been a four way elimination match) between our four female finalists: Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray, Leah and Kasey Owens.

We begin the match with a test of strength between Kay Lee Ray and the Owen twins. Nikki Storm wants in on this circle but unfortunately is a bit too short for the ride. (I can relate to such situations) Nikki instead storms out to the corner of the ring while the Owens begin a double team on Kay Lee Ray with kicks to the gut.

They send Kay Lee Ray to the ropes for another double team attack but Kay Lee Ray manages to reverse with an ariel dropkick to both sisters. Soon it’s Kay Lee Ray taking on both Owens but it doesn’t take long for the numbers game begin catch up and the Owens regain control with Leah landing a leg drop to Kay Lee Ray following a pin attempt.

Kay Lee Ray kicks out and from the outside Nikki gets a hold of Kasey, dragging her to the outside to get in on the action. Sister Leah makes a save with a baseball slide and now it’s Nikki falling victim to the double teaming of the Owens from the outside of the ring. Still inside the ring, Kay Lee Ray takes aim at her three opponents and runs through the middle rope to land a suicide dive taking out everyone!

Kay Lee Ray tosses Nikki back into the ring to go for a pin but Nikki manages to kick out. Still relying on her high flying abilities, Kay Lee Ray climbs the turnbuckle but Nikki manages to stop her, running the ropes and soon landing a good forearm. Soon it’s Nikki climbing the turnbuckle, going for a suplex to take Kay Lee Ray down but the Owens manage to get back in taking out Nikki so they can be the ones to deliver a double suplex on to Kay Lee Ray!

Following that double suplex is a double pin attempt by the Owens. As Kay Lee Ray is able to kick out, a dispute begins to happen between the twin sisters as there can only really be one winner. As words are exchanged, Nikki shoves Kasey to Leah rolls her up to a pin to which Kasey kicks out of.

Back to working together, the Owens go after Nikki and the duo manage to land an elevated leg drop onto Nikki. As quickly as the Owens were able to make up, they are as equally quick as to again turn on each other breaking the others pin attempt onto Nikki.

Words are exchanged again with some shoving this time but it’s all broken up by a flying a double flying dropkick from Kay Lee Ray at the turnbuckle. She takes out both sisters and goes to the turnbuckle one last time to land a big Swanton
Bomb on the Owens. Just as Kay Lee Ray goes for the pin, Nikki rolls her up from behind for a three count winning this Fatal Four-Way!

Following their impressive match up, the women meet their judges Al Snow, Gail Kim and Samoa Joe in the ring to find out their fate and whether they will be moving on forward in the competition. Gail Kim starts with high praises for our final four ladies highlighting Nikki Storm as an entire package with amazing promo skills and presences, being emotionally connected to the Owens and being own away by Kay Lee Ray’s amazing athleticism. All of them should be proud of themselves.

Moment of truth, as Al Snow asks for Leah to step forward informing her that she will not be moving forward in the competition. Kay Lee Ray is next to be called forward and receives good news from Al Snow as he informs her that she will indeed be moving forward! While she knows there will be many happy for her (myself being one of them) Kay Lee Ray says she’s most happy with herself for proving she has something she can contribute to TNA.

It’s Nikki turn and it’s not good news as Al Snow informs her she will not be moving on. (Seriously? Ugh this so frustrating so watch!!!) Nikki believes the judges made a big mistake by leaving her behind but it’s their lost at the end of the day. Last but not least, we hear Casey’s fate and like her sister, she will not be moving on. Still, the Owens remain positive and promise to come back better than before the next time British Boot Camp comes around.

With that, Kay Lee Ray becomes the last women standing in the competition against our other five finalists: Dave Mastiff, Rampage Brown, Mark Andrews and Noam Dar (taking the place of Kris Travis who had to step out of the competition) and Grado. Personally, I’m sad to have seen the judges drop Nikki Storm from the show but if we are to have another addition to Knockouts Division, Kay Lee Ray certainly would be perfect fit.

Watch Christy Hemme break down the episode with Gail Kim and Eric Young below:

Next week our finalists head to the States where they will have another challenge awaiting for them as we get closer to finding out who will win this season British Boot Camp.

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