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TNA Hypes Sarah Stock’s Debut as Sarita

TNA has begun it’s promotional hype for the Impact debut of Sarita – better known as Canadian wrestler Sarah Stock. The following promo aired on this past Thursday’s Impact:

Looks like the company will be pushing Sarita as a Latina character, with the use of Spanish in that promo. I can’t seem to recall TNA ever hyping the debut of a female talent so this is a great step for them; given the quick deal that was struck with Victoria, Sarah was pushed aside to make way for the more buzz-worthy new talent. Victoria has taken the top babyface spot that TNA had earmarked for Sarah.

I think using video packages leading to Sarita’s debut, it creates a hype around her that makes her feel like an important acquisition, just like Victoria. Great move by TNA and it makes up for the fact they’ve had Sarah just sitting on the sidelines for so long.

For those keeping score at home, here’s what the division looks now: Victoria as top babyface followed by Taylor Wilde, Sarita, ODB and Sojourner Bolt. The heel side is led by Angelina Love and her fellow Beautiful People, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne as well as Daffney. Meanwhile, Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed seem to be tweeners at the moment.

Sitting on the sidelines are the injured Christy Hemme, Jacqueline and Rhaka Khan.

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